We've collected ten tiny pinatas ideas to celebrate next week's Cinco de Mayo. These mini pinatas range in looks, but all of them are incredibly adorable. We scoured the web for some of our favorite ideas to share with you. 

These may be a bit more complicated for preschoolers to assemble, but they can help in the making of them, and no doubt they'll love the end product. Fill them with treats or little toys. Some of these tiny piñatas are made to be broken, while others are more for decoration. Now's the time to get ready for May 5th!

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Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that Mexico celebrates to honor the date that the Mexican army took victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1872, during the Franco-Mexican War. In fact, this particular Tuesday in 2020 also happens to be known as the Battle of the Puebla Day. The Mexican holiday grows in popularity in the states more every year, but more as a celebration of the culture of our southern neighbors. One of the staples of Mexican folk art is its use of bright colors. It's the one common trait you'll find in all these pinatas.

Big List Of Tiny Pinatas

Rbn Crn Red Tiny Pinatas (10 Prek Cinco De Mayo Ideas)


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Name Practice Work Book Tiny Pinatas (10 Prek Cinco De Mayo Ideas)
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Our Favorite Mini Tutorial


Miniature Pinata DIY Tutorial

Best for Ages:



Cardboard, tape and tissue paper


 From: ablackbirdsepiphany.co.uk

These little cuties measure about 5cm, and are made up of thin cardboard, tape and tissue paper. I filled them with cake sprinkles. Back in the old days, Hundreds and Thousands and other such sprinkles weren't just cake decorations, they were general confectionery, so you can get a nice touch of the old days by filling them this way, too.


Try Out These Tiny Pinatas

Below are some of our favorite miniature pinatas ideas. There were so many good ideas from cute little DIY llama pinatas to Coco-inspired pinata ornaments. These two, in particular, caught our eyes because of their cuteness and colors. We think the kids will be big fans of these candy crafts.

Beyond that, we also love the mini cactus pinatas and the mini fruit one. Again these might be a little more complicated for the little ones to put together themselves, but they can help to tape, paste and choose color designs. Give them some independence in having a say in the look or choice of pinatas. The more input you get from them, the more their confidence grows in making decisions.

And if they really want to get involved, we've found some much simpler craft creations that take a lot less work and get right to the fun. The first pinata craft uses a roll of toilet paper and some tissue paper. You can build it so that it breaks open. And if that isn't simple enough, how about a Cinco de Mayo pinata bag! I don't even know if that counts as a pinata, but we thought it looked cute, so we included it. Check out the rest below.

More Ideas for Miniature Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Traditionally pinatas are filled with candy and fruit and tiny toys, but you can choose to fill them with whatever comes to mind. Maybe it's stickers and crayons or healthier choices of snacks like raisins and nuts. Use you're imagination and share a little about Cinco de Mayo with your preschooler. Next week a full list of Cinco de Mayo craft ideas. Keep an eye out.

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