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Today's free printable centers around number writing rhymes. Plus, trace number practice. This printable is a different take on introducing numbers. But sometimes approaching an old concept can activate the mind.
Here we're blending silly rhymes with number concept and approaching them more like a nursery rhyme. These number writing sheets engage children by first introducing numbers in a sing-songy way. Next, they can trace the numbers and even coloring the pictures. This approach engages them on three levels auditorily, visually, and kinetically.

Rbn Crn Red Number Writing Rhymes (Free 1- 10 Booklet)


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Number Writing Rhymes (Free 1- 10 Booklet)

Easy Color By Number Truck

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Download Number Writing Rhymes

Number Writing Rhymes Booklet


How to Use Number Writing Sheet

There's no real way to use this sheet, but having your child use the worksheet in all three ways gets the most out of it. Many children find rhymes fun and engaging, so just going through each of the sheets and rhyming with your child is a good start. You can sing the rhymes together or have it read to them, pointing to the letter and the images. You may even choose to incorporate blocks or legos to further communicate the concept of quantity.

Next, they can go through each page and trace over the numbers. Toddlers range in age from two to four years of age, so each child will be different. They may not have the hand dexterity in place yet. For the little, little one's I recommend that mom or dad help trace over the number. Cup their hands and slowly go over the numbers. You may even choose to trace each number with a different color.

Last are the images themselves. This booklet of worksheets wasn't meant to be a series of coloring pages, but we like to include pictures as often as possible, and coloring is a great way to make this a fun experience. Ultimately any way that your child wishes to use the sheets only gets more from it. Just engage with them and the concepts.

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