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Here's 10 Awesome Quick Rhyming Activities  that are easy and fun for your little learners. We've included both clever ideas you can do at home and fantastic printables to download. If your looking for rhyming activities games or booklets, it's in our list. 

You can also find some other past rhyming activities as well as some fun preschool games that your little one will enjoy.

Scroll down and have a look at the full details of quick rhyming activities whether you're on the go or just want a quick idea for home.

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Our Favorite Quick Rhyming Activities

Spin and Spell Easter Egg 

Starting off our list of quick rhyming activities is a bright idea to use an Easter egg, Spin & Spell. This rhyming idea is a perfect game for kindergarten and preschool-age kids. It is a fun activity to help kids practice rhyme, reading, and spelling sight words. Kids will love playing this game with an Easter egg and learn rhyming and spelling in a fun way. Grab one of your old plastic Easter eggs and mark one half with a basic rhyme scheme like “at” or “un” or “it,” and pair it with a consonant. This word family creates words that rhyme with the turn of the shell. Kids will spin the egg and start a different rhyming word and connect a pattern. Spin and spell Easter egg activity is also great for developing phonemic awareness and fine motor skills for preschool aged children.

Super Simple Rhyming Game

This super simple and free rhyming game is excellent to help young learners with rhyming skills. Each space on the board has a rhyming picture pair that pre-k kids will learn from. Kids will take their turn by moving on the board and calling the names of rhyming pictures when landing on the space. To make the game even easier for kids, you can use picture cards with one or two dots instead of rolling the die to move around the board. This will make it easy for young learners to engage with this rhyming activity who cannot count six dots on a die to move six spaces. It will also make the game longer, which will help your kids get more practice and develop and important skill.

Rhyming Puzzles Busy Bag

For early learners, rhyming is an essential literacy skill. Rhyme and rhythm play are a great role in literacy development. It is because students’ basic literacy skills involve listening and speaking instead of writing and reading. For kids who are working on rhyming words, this activity is great for them. This Rhyming Puzzles Busy Bag great for young children as it is fun to do. This busy bag idea targets learning in a fun way and teach kids word families. You can use this rhyming puzzle busy bag when your kids have already learned the basics of rhyming and this activity can be used as a reinforcement of rhyming words.

20 Free Rhyming Wheels

Practicing rhyme is an important pre reading skill and part of learning how to spell and read the words eventually. These free rhyming activities include 20 free rhyming wheels that will help students rhyme each time they play this activity. It is a great way to practice using words that rhyme. These rhyming wheels are great for aiding kids who struggle with recognizing a pattern to find when rhyming words. These rhyming words wheels' objective is to take out all the guessing of rhyming for kids as all the words on each wheel rhyme and when pre-K l learners call out their names, they will rhyme naturally. Just by saying the words, kids are hearing the rhyming words and repeating them after you.

More Rhyming Words Game and Activities

Free Printable Rhyming Book

This printable rhyme book is a great way for teaching rhyming to kids to help them to understand the concept of rhyme. When kids flip these fun rhyming pages, they will be excited to see that all the words end with the same word combination, which is a powerful way of identifying rhyming words. This is a free printable rhyming flipbook for kids and features the –at word family. The book is easy to print and assemble. So it is an easy and simple literacy activity to assist your children with phonological awareness. When you flip the pages, kids will quickly see that each word's ending stays the same. This visual cue is helpful for kids to develop the rhyming concept.

Rhyming Scavenger Hunts

Practicing and developing rhyming skills will result in better auditory discrimination, vocabulary, and improved phonemic awareness. All of them are the basics of literacy development. Teaching rhyming words is important because it is an important component of phonological development. This rhyming scavenger hunt activity is a great way to do that. It is also known as a treasure hunt and kids will love to play this game both indoors and outdoors. Your kids can collect the objects or chase the scavenger hunt riddles and learn along the way. Rhyming scavenger hunts can be fun for kids at the birthday party, where the hints lead to a treasure or a prize for your kids.

Ice Cream Rhyming Words

Learning rhyming words is one of the basic components of phonological awareness for kindergarten and preschool kids. The Ice Cream Rhyming Words is a perfect activity for your kindergarten and preschool kids. This activity will help your students and kids become better rhymers. This activity will keep your students and kids engaged and excited while rhyming the words. This is no preparation rhyming words activity with pictures for kids to help them learn to rhyme. With time and patience, your little ones will become improved rhymers. Kids will have fun naming the picture on the scoop of ice cream and finding the picture's rhyme.

Free Printable Rhyming Puzzles

These Free Printable Rhyming Puzzles are perfect for your kids to practice rhyming words. Your kids will love playing this exciting and fun game. Each matching rhyming activity contains a word and a picture. Kids are allowed to match the rhyming words by watching the pictures. With time, when your kids grow, they can match the puzzle by reading the words on the cards as well. You can start practicing with simple matching words like cat and rat. You can play this game with your kids or students to practice rhyming words in a fun way.

Simple and Quick Rhyming Activities

Erase a Rhyme

Children love to erase and play games. Erase a rhyme is a simple and super easy game where your kids can erase the board's words or pictures while practicing rhyming skills. To do this activity, you will need something to write on (a whiteboard or chalkboard or even a piece of paper), something to write with (whiteboard marker or chalk or pen), and something to erase with. Our kids will love playing this game. The possibilities to play this game are endless. This game can erase an animal, erase a face, erase a color word, or erase a sign word, etc. Be creative and have fun with your kids.

Simple Rhyming Game

This simple rhyming game is a great idea to teach rhyming words to the kids. This game is a fun way for kids to learn rhyming words. This game is perfect for kids to start learning if they are still working at created rhymes independently. Kids take their turn drawing a card to move around the board by one or two spaces to play this game. Then kids name that picture and create a rhyming word. The game makes use of easily recognizable picture cards, so there will not be any guessing when a kid lands on any space. The game is short, and your kids will love this game.

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