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Winter Following Directions Worksheet Pin

Today's free printable is a winter following directions worksheet.  Developing the skill of following directions is a key skill for preschoolers. It leads to developing proper listening skills and listening comprehension. 

This worksheet uses simple word directions like over and under to prep children for later literacy skill. Be sure to download this free winter practice printable. 

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Free Printable Learning Activity

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Winter Following Directions Worksheet Download

Winter Following Directions Worksheet

Depending on the worksheet (like cutouts and crafts) some parents prefer heavier printing paper, in that case you may want to invest into white cardstock or colored cardstock. But regular printing paper works perfectly well. 

Ideas for This Winter Following Direction Worksheet

Following directions is a key concept in early education. Don't worry if your preschooler doesn't fully get these language activities concepts right away. Our goal here is simply to prep them to the idea of learning to listen and follow direction in a fun way. This practice use will later develop the skills needed for reading and comprehension. This winter Christmas activity uses directional words and color as a form of word problems for them to solve. This is a more basic version for following directions but they'll gain more practice as students in kindergarten and first grade. Be sure to print this free Christmas page.

You may first want to give them a few ideas of following directions. Make up your own activities to follow. It doesn't have to be perfect and don't worry below are listening activities that you can build on. Ideally these activities will be fun but you'll need to read the instructions to them. But have fun with the Christmas and winter theme. These ideas are resources to build literacy skills and comprehension later in kindergarten.

More Ideas for Fun Learning

Start by just engaging and connecting. Ask them questions to engage them in the activity.

  • "Do you like winter?"
  • "What is your favorite thing about Christmas?"
  • "Do you recognize anyone familiar?"
  • "Let's see how good you are at listening to directions."
  • "I am going to read to you some information. "
  • "Follow my instructions as best as you can."
  • "The opposite of open is closed."

Try these language activities

  • Draw a hat on Santa.
  • Draw a stars in the sky
  • Color xxx next to Santa.
  • Draw antlers an Elf in front of Santa.
  • Color the wreath green by the door.

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