Today we've assembled five great videos of Winter Songs and Fingerplays that we loved. So much great content is being created and we wanted to highlight some of our favorites. These hidden gems are great videos to introduce fingerplay and songs.

We think you'll love them. Have a look below at the videos and be sure to check out some of our other winter post including outdoor winter activities for preschoolers, winter paper plate ideas, and our winter alphabet letters printable.

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Preschool Winter Songs and Fingerplays to Start

Snowflake Songs and Fingerplays

Fingerplay, rhymes, and songs significantly improve children's ability to learn language by strengthening vocabulary, rhythms of speech, and understanding the sounds of new words. Movements involved in fingerplay are also great for children to work on their motor skills. Winter means snowflakes, snowballs, and penguins, and all of these things are fascinating to children, especially younger children. Singing the snowflake songs while engaging in fingerplay is great to work on speech and language activities. These three snowflake songs are perfect for children to use for their early learning environment. Let your kids have fun with this snowflake fingerplay song activity. (youtube)

Snowball Fight

Fingerplay is a common early childhood activity that involves movements and actions of hands in combination with spoken words or singing to engage children’s interest. This snowball fight song, along with the fingerplay, is an excellent activity for preschoolers and toddlers. They are ideal for strengthening language skills and speech abilities. In this winter season, practice this great snowball fight song with fingerplay actions to have fun. This song involves reverse counting from ten to one that is a great way to help your little ones to learn letters while having fun. (youtube)

The Snowy Day

Third on our list of preschool winter songs and fingerplays are these snowy day songs of simple rhymes for kids that introduce them to language patterns and vocabulary such as rhyme and alliteration, which are crucial as a foundation to further literacy learning. The simple movements involved in these snowy day songs help develop coordination of hands and eyes as well as the entire body. Besides, kids will also learn basic things like colors, letter names, and numbers. Plus, the practice of songs with fingerplay is the best way to get the wiggles out when faced with preschool or kindergarten classes. These songs and fingerplay are great activities at home. (youtube)

Christmas Finger Family Songs

Christmas-themed finger family nursery rhymes are a great way to let your kids have fun during the Christmas holiday. In this finger family Christmas song, there’s Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus as well as many of their friends such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Elf, Snowman, Jingle Bell, Candy Cane, Angel, and Gingerbread man. It is common in kindergarten and preschool to practice and learn about families. Children love to know that each child in the family is special and unique. This Christmas finger family song with fingerplay and action is an excellent addition to circle time or simply a fun break. (youtube)

Penguin Dance Brain Breaks 

The penguin dance is a great activity for brain breaks and super fun for kids. This penguin dance activity helps kids learn to follow directions, i.e. left and right. It will also help enhance listening skills and develop gross motor skills. The dance uses mirror right and left sides to make it easy for kids to follow along with the dance leader. Invite your kids to enjoy this popular penguin dance and learn various skills in a fresh way. It is a great brain break activity that your kids can do anytime to get up, refresh, move, act, release stress, regenerate, and recharge. (youtube)

Winter And Summer Song 

Incorporating fingerplay songs in the collection of learning activities of your kids can enhance their early childhood environment. This is a very exciting and fun fingerplay winter and summer song that tells about the differences between the hot summer and cold winters weathers and how to dress according to the weather. This song and fingerplay will help kids know about different climates. It is a great song and fingerplay to practice at home. Let your kids learn in a unique way with this wonderful winter and summer fingerplay song. (youtube)

Fingerplay Snowflakes Snowflakes

Practicing fingerplay with your kids greatly helps develop fine motor skills and exercise their muscles. This fingerplay snowflakes song is great for circle-time, small group learning, large group learning, one-on-one, musical settings, and independent play. When a child sings, acts in response, and listens to the songs and performs actions, they enhance their vocabulary and develop comprehension and listening skills. This song and fingerplay is a great activity to perform indoors on a snowy day when children are restricted from going outside. It is also great as a school activity. We hope you like this list of preschool winter songs and fingerplays. Be sure to share it with friends and families. (youtube)

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