Here's 18 preschool Christmas ornament craft ideas to continue the holiday spirit. You'll find some adorable ideas on turning pictures of your preschooler into a cute ornament. Plus there's ideas that include all of our favorite cast of Christmas characters from Rudolph to Santa and more.

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Clever Preschool Christmas Ornament Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Crafting has always been a favorite part of getting ready for Christmas, especially for kids. They love creating crafts, ornaments, decorations, and gifts. This simple and super easy paper plate Christmas ornament is a great idea for kids to have fun during the Christmas holiday. This paper plate ornament has cut out dots made of tissue paper of different colors. It is a perfect activity for preschoolers and toddlers, as it is very easy to make. Plus, it is also a very inexpensive craft, and kids can make it with little help or supervision from adults.

Burlap Reindeer Ornament

A Christmas craft will not be complete without creating an adorable Rudolph themed craft. A red-nosed reindeer called Rudolf is part of Christmas tradition, just like Santa. Kids especially love this unique little reindeer. Rudolph is the reindeer that we watch each year on TV. He’s a fun Christmas ornament for kids to create with burlap in honor of our favorite red-nosed reindeer. These ornaments are very easy and quick to make using very simple and inexpensive craft supplies. This craft is perfect for kids to do at home or in a group setting at school.

Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

These wonderful snow globe cup ornaments are the perfect crafts to make this Christmas. They are also an excellent gift for your loved ones. These are very easy to create, and your kids will love these adorable snow globe cup ornaments. This craft will not cost you much if you have craft supplies available at your home. It’s also a great activity to do in the classroom or daycare. Capture adorable photos of kids with Santa hats or any other Christmas theme and print them. Glue the photo inside the plastic cup, add fake snow and glitter and close it around the edges. It makes a fantastic snow globe cup with your kids’ picture.

DIY Photo Ornaments with a Snow Globe

Here is another snow globe photo ornament that is also a perfect keepsake Christmas gift. Kids will love to create such a darling photo ornament with a snow globe on Christmas. Or, as a teacher, you may want to send some special gift to the student’s parents on the Christmas holiday; this unique craft makes a great idea. This DIY photo ornament is a perfect keepsake, as it also has a beautiful photo of your kid. Plus, the glitter inside the globe will give it some bling that your kids will love making and using as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Rudolph Reindeer Photo Ornament

Rudolph, Santa’s favorite red-nosed reindeer, is back, and the thing that distinguishes it from the previous reindeer ornament is its bright red nose. This is a quick and easy Rudolph reindeer ornament that brings out your children’s smiles and looks great hanging on the Christmas tree. Children will be pleased to point to their bright big red nose. This festive ornament is very simple, and your kids can create it easily. It is also a fantastic classroom Christmas art activity and a holiday keepsake from kids to their parents.

More Preschool Christmas Ornament Craft Ideas

Santa Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments & Easy Salt Dough Recipe

Starting off the next project on our list of preschool Christmas ornament craft ideas is a Santa salt dough handprint ornaments that your kids will love to create. This Santa craft would make an adorable gift to present to grandparents or parents, and it would also look fabulous hanging on the Christmas tree. A Santa salt dough handprint ornament is a perfect Christmas craft project for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers to create. The process is even easier with the easy salt dough recipe. These salt dough Santa handprint ornaments are great Christmas keepsakes to use year after year. Your kids will love salt dough ornaments. Making Santa salt dough handprint ornaments is such fun for your kids. 

Adorable Clay Pot Christmas Tree Ornaments

These beautiful pot Christmas tree ornaments are a unique and terrific idea for Christmas. They are great for kids of all ages. They are very easy for small kids to create, and older children will enjoy creating them. Kids will use Q-Tips to make dots all over the pot and will enjoy the process of making them. Kids can also try different painting strokes of their choice to give the ornament a look of their own. This is an excellent idea for kids to have fun and create a fantastic Christmas art project. Give your kids the supplies and let them sit on the table, and make a beautiful Clay Pot Christmas Tree Ornament.

Salt Dough Footprint Snowman Keepsakes

This cute salt dough footprint snowman is quick and easy to create. They are perfect keepsake gifts for parents and grandparents. This beautiful salt dough footprint salt dough keepsake is a great way to surprise your parents, grandparents, and other family members for the Christmas holidays. It is a low-cost craft idea that will be loved by kids of all ages. You can also do it yearly to keep track of your little one’s footsie growth. This footprint snowman keepsake made from salt dough is an easy and quick microwave craft that makes a great Christmas ornament.

Fireplace Craft Ornament

Here’s another favorite idea. This fireplace craft ornament idea is ideal for kids to create and hang on the Christmas tree as a custom made ornament. Let your kids create this Christmas craft at school, home, or as a group activity for a play date. Involve your kids in this activity, and it is sure to offer a smile and a lot of fun to kids. This adorable stick fireplace ornament is an exciting and fun way to add Christmas to life. It is very easy to create with simple supplies. When your kids complete this project, let them show off and hang them on the Christmas tree to have fun.

Christmas Tree Template

Our last project from our list of preschool Christmas ornament craft ideas is a Christmas tree outline template that will make the process of creating Christmas tree craft much easier for your kids. This tree outline is perfect printable for you to make a 3D Christmas tree. Starting with this simple Christmas tree template, your kids can create a wonderful Christmas table centerpiece. This craft is very easy to make for your kids. Your kids will love the decorating process and have fun creating their own mini 3D Christmas tree and displaying it on the Christmas holiday. This craft is very simple with this Christmas tree outline template, and kids will love making this simple and adorable craft project.

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