Today we've collected 9 cute Winter Paper Plate Crafts that are great preschool projects for the holidays. These paper plate projects are simple and we think that most of the items needed will be found around the house.

These paper plate crafts range from a cute little penguin popping out of its egg to our favorite Christmas reindeer, Rudolph, and an ornament to frame your favorite preschooler. 

So far we've posted songs for Christmas trees and preschool Christmas activities to name a few. We have more coming soon!

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Our Favorite Winter Paper Plate Crafts

Polar Bear Winter Paper Plate Craft
This polar bear craft is another perfect idea for kids to create this winter. This activity is excellent for learning about polar bears or just to create a wonderful winter art project. It is very easy to make using a paper plate and other inexpensive craft supplies. Your kids will love this idea and enjoy the process of making a cute polar bear. Kids can also use this polar bear art project for playtime, and it is something your kids will love creating.

Paper Plate Snowman Craft
This paper plate snowman craft is a perfect craft idea for Christmas as well as the winter season. Your kids would love to create a snowman craft with paper plates each winter. It is not always possible to go out and build a snowman outside because of the bitter cold. With this creative and beautiful paper plate snowman, your kids can bring the fun inside. It is very quick and simple to create with inexpensive craft supplies that you may already have at your home. Let your kids have fun with making this excellent paper plate snowman craft.

Paper Plate Penguin Chick Puppets
These super cute Hatching Paper Plate Penguin Chick Puppets are easy and quick to make. Kids will love this project idea to see a penguin hatching from its egg again and again. This paper plate craft is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. This penguin chick puppet craft idea will be beloved by children of all ages as it is interactive, and your kids will play with it after they have created it. This craft is great for the Christmas holiday, winter, or polar study theme. The end product will be memorable and unique. Your kids will pull the penguin puppet down to hide it in its egg and move it up so that it hatches and pops up to say hello.

Snowman Paper Plate Craft for Kids
Kids love to create snowman winter crafts, and this paper plate snowman is great for your children to make and have fun with. It is a perfect craft to keep your kids busy inside and spend time with their family and out of the cold. It is also an easy Christmas craft. If you are a teacher looking for some great ideas for winter days when children can’t go outside for a break, this will be a perfect fit. Your kids will love to make this paper plate snowman. It is simple and easy to make with inexpensive supplies and a free printable template that is also available for more convenience.

Paper Plate Reindeer Frame
This paper plate reindeer craft idea is a terrific combination of a paper plate and a bit of Christmas cheer. It can also be a great keepsake and a preschool Christmas ornament. This paper plate frame is super easy to make, and your kids will love the process of making it. The best part for kids is adding their photos to the frame. This craft is ideal for kids as well as adults to create and display this festive season. You can let your kids decorate their custom-made reindeer frame with embellishments like bows, sequins, or paper collars at the bottom of the kid’s photo.

Even More Cute Winter Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Santa Claus
Start your festive season with this fantastic paper plate Santa Claus craft with your preschooler. This cute Santa Claus with a beard of paper ringlets is what your kids would love to make. Children will adore the process of cutting, sticking, curling, and painting to make such a delightful paper plate Santa Claus. This craft idea is fun to create and a perfect way to work on kids’ fine motor skills. With very few craft supplies, your kids can make this Christmas craft at home as well as in school.

Paper Plate Reindeer Craft
This paper plate reindeer craft is another way to keep your kids busy and have fun during the Christmas holiday. It is an effortless and cute craft, and your kids will love this idea. Let your kids create this adorable craft with simple materials, including paper plates, paint, card stock, and a reindeer template. We are sure that this simple and cute craft will bring your whole family together for the Christmas season. Make paper plate reindeer crafts with your kids and create beautiful memories. It would be so much fun for your kids.

Paper Strip Christmas Tree Craft for Kids
Begin your Christmas holiday with a paper strip Christmas tree art project with your little ones. This craft idea involves a paper plate cut into a tree's shape using a tree template and decorated with colorful paper strips. This art project is a great for at home Christmas projects and a fun way to work out your kids' fine motor skills. It is an amazing craft idea for kindergarten and preschool kids. Everybody will love this craft created from a paper plate. It is a combo of paper plate hardiness and a round shape.

Paper Plate Peppermint Candy
Wow. Look at this! A peppermint candy made for paper plates. This Christmas craft is perfect for kids to create during Christmas break. It is very easy to make using inexpensive craft supplies such as craft paint, paper plates, and some holiday colored cardstock. You can also make this wonderful candy-themed craft along with your little ones in no time. Further, this craft has a paper handprint as a candy wrapper on its sides. It gives a super cute look. Your kids will love creating this project and adding their handprints to the craft. This will make the art even adorable.

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