Today we've assembled 10 Preschool Christmas Tree Songs perfect for little ones to get in the holiday spirit. This list of songs include Christmas classics, reimagined Christmas tunes and wholly original festive tunes that will bring a smile to your preschooler.

Not only that but lots of these songs help to teach some preschool fundamental be that shapes or counting or some other pre-k concept. Everyone love Christmas music and these preschool Christmas tree songs are perfect for the holidays.

And be sure to check out some of our other holiday content like our list of Christmas books and activities as well as our Christmas ornaments for preschoolers.

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Awesome Preschool Christmas Tree Songs You'll Love

Way Up High in the Christmas Tree 

This Felt Board Song activity is the best way to engage kids and involve them in learning. Way Up High in the Christmas tree felt board song is a perfect library story time or preschool circle time activity. Adding a felt board song, rhyme, game, or story to the circle time is a lot of fun. Children will keep engaged in the activity and learn in a fun way. Kids will undoubtedly enjoy this activity with a beautiful craft and song. This wonderful Way Up High in the Christmas tree felt board song is created with colorful felt that is highly appealing to children. (On Youtube)

5 Little Christmas Trees

This Christmas song for kids is about 5 Christmas trees waiting to be chopped down and taken home by the happy family to be decorated. It is a counting song from 5 trees down to 1 tree. You can use this story to practice number counting with a Christmas spin. Children will learn to count with this story of Christmas trees getting chopped down one at a time. With this activity, “one less” sentences or subtraction sentences would work great. Kids would enjoy singing this song and love how each of the trees finds a happy family. (On Youtube)

Decorate The Christmas Tree (to the tune of “Deck the Halls”)

This “decorate the Christmas tree song” (sung to the tune of “Deck the Halls”) will help your kids know about different Christmas holiday traditions. It is very useful for your kids, as it is full of valuable holiday vocabulary for your little ones or young learners learning about Christmas for the first time. Your kids will undoubtedly have a lot of fun learning about the Christmas traditions, and it will also help them prepare for the Christmas holiday. The song’s video involves colorful animations that would appeal to kids. It will show how a family decorates the home for Christmas and Santa with gifts for the kids. (On Youtube)

I’m a Little Pine Tree

Kids love to perform activities that include music, especially Christmas songs, and “I am a Little Pine Tree” is a Preschool Christmas song that is sung to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot. This warm and lovely Christmas poem for your kids and family will add more joy and fun to this Christmas together with the entire family. Poems and songs help kids develop their brainpower and memory. This Christmas poem is excellent for kids to sing on the Christmas holiday when the entire family is gathered to share warm words with each other. (On Youtube)

The Lights on the Tree 

“The lights on the tree” Christmas felt board song activity is perfect for preschool circle time or library story time. This felt board fun activity includes beautiful and unique felt crafts such as Christmas tree, Santa Claus, jingle bell, cookie, carrots, and more. It is a fun way to help your little ones learn about the Christmas tradition. Your kids will love this activity and singing songs at home or on the go. Librarians and teachers love to involve kids in this activity at story time. This song is very interactive, engaging, and fun for kids. (On Youtube)

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star!

This wonderful poem is the Christmas twist on the well-known nursery rhyme song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Singing is a great way to help kids develop the ability to sing as a part of the group. Singing this song will not require any additional musical ability and kids can easily sing the well-known tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star’ and develop their singing skills. It is a great song to sing for children at Christmas time, as it is super easy to sing. Kids will love to sing this song on Christmas and get appreciated. (On Youtube)

The Christmas Tree Song

The Christmas tree is a central part of Christmas holiday celebrations, and it should look fantastic. Kids also need to learn about Christmas decoration ideas and different ornaments. This Christmas Tree Song is about Christmas tree decoration, and it will greatly help kids learn about the decorating of Christmas trees. Using various decoration ideas as told via the song and video, your kids could decorate the Christmas tree like never before. With this Christmas song, kids can give their Christmas tree a unique and stunning look. (On Youtube)

Five Candy Canes 

This fun 5 Candy Canes Christmas song for kids is about candy canes on the Christmas tree falling down by striking the tree and eaten one by one. Your kids can sing this song at Christmas time and will learn math and subtraction in a fun way. Kids love to sing these kinds of songs, especially Christmas themed songs. It is the best song to let your kids sing on Christmas when the whole family is gathered and enjoying the holiday. Your little ones will definitely love singing this Christmas song. (On Youtube)

Christmas Tree Christmas Song

Let’s celebrate the Christmas holiday with this festive Christmas song. This song is perfect for choirs, performances, home, kindergarten, preschool, and school. Kids love to hear and sing songs, especially on a special occasion like Christmas, and this song is great for toddlers and kids. If not singing, your little ones will certainly enjoy listening to this song on the Christmas. “O Christmas Tree” is a very simple and fun Christmas song for kids. Let your kids enjoy Christmas with this beautiful and catchy Christmas song. (On Youtube)

Shapes on the Christmas Tree

Shapes on the Christmas tree song is a fun way to help kids learn about different shapes. They can use this song and video at home or school to help children learn shapes in an easy and fun way. Kids would love singing and learn at the same time. You can play it and let your kids recognize and learn different shapes. It’s a fun and simple Christmas song that teaches basic shapes, like Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Heart, and Star. This song will increase the process of learning for your kids and they will enjoy the learning process. (On Youtube)

Thanks for checking out our 10 Preschool Christmas Tree Songs for the holidays. Be sure to check out some of our other Christmas activities and Pre-K Christmas worksheets.

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