Easy Preschool Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

Preschool Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Pin

Today's free printable is an easy preschool Christmas Light Scavenger game. Around this time of year it's fun to drive around and have a look at the Christmas lights decorating the houses. This year more than any before it.

So have a look below to download the worksheet and hop in the car and see what you and your preschooler can discover around  the neighborhood. Be sure to share it with friends and family.

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Preschool Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Download

Easy Preschool Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Depending on the worksheet activity (like cutouts and crafts) some parents prefer heavier printing paper, in that case you may want to invest into white cardstock or colored cardstock. But regular printing paper works perfectly well. 

Tips for Using this Preschool Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Sheet

Here's a perfect game that the whole family can enjoy while riding in the car and taking in the neighborhood Christmas lights. It's designed simply for preschoolers to enjoy with big color pictures for easy identifying. This sheet is great for developing increased attention span, counting and critical thinking.

You might ask them:

"What Christmas items are we on the look out for?"
"Which are you excited to find?"
"Do you think we will find them all?"

Or give this a try:

Call out the name of the Christmas item when you spot it.
Point to it when you see it.
Mark off the sheet after you point it out.

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