Today we've put together 15 easy Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers that are great preschool projects for the holidays. The projects are really cute and simple so you can put them together reasonably fast.

A lot of these Christmas crafts can be put together with things around the house. Other may require a few things from the store. But we think you'll love all the great ideas revolving around turning your little one into a  Christmas icon. Those are some of our favorite but all of these simple preschooler crafts can be made without much effort and without having to convince your preschooler to go along. Have fun and share it with friends and family who have preschoolers.

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Our Favorite Easy Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Popsicle stick Christmas trees are fun to make. Your kids will love this project that includes decorating a beautiful tree, and this project is exactly the one. Kids will create an outline of a tree with popsicle sticks and enjoy decorating them with anything they want. There are unlimited options when it comes to popsicle tree decoration. Kids can use pom poms, ribbons, buttons, pipe cleaners, and even rhinestones to decorate popsicle stick Christmas tree. Kids would love to hang their own crafted beautiful Christmas popsicle stick ornaments on the Christmas tree. It is very simple and an easy craft that is perfect for preschoolers.

Fork Painted Christmas Tree

Kids love to work and play with paint and creating unique and beautiful craft ideas with different painting methods. This fork painted Christmas tree project is fun idea. If you have some paint and disposable forks, your kids can make this pretty Christmas tree project today. The technique is easy enough for kids and is an easy and fun way to make Christmas trees, snowflakes and winter tree landscapes. Your kids can create a beautiful Christmas tree with a fork and decorate it with some ornament like a button or pom poms. Your kids will love this fork idea.

Movable Paper Doll Christmas Photo Craft

Christmas is a great time of the year to make magical memories, especially for kids. It is a time for kids to create a beautiful keepsake for the whole family to admire. This movable paper doll Christmas Craft with your kids' photo is the cutest craft of the year and is a great keepsake that will be appreciated and cherished for a long time. Your kids are allowed to choose "Santa Yourself", "Elf Yourself", or "Reindeer Yourself" templates to create a movable paper doll craft with their photos. This craft will transform your kids' photos into a gorgeous Christmas character.

Paper Elf Craft – The best idea for kids

Christmas is a perfect time for children to create wonderful keepsake projects for loved ones. Photo crafts are an excellent fun idea for kids as they can put them up as a decoration. This Paper Elf Craft is best for kids and is very easy to make. Kids will craft their own elves in a fun and easy way to display in their room or anywhere else in the house. It is so easy that kids of all ages can create it easily. Kids can also make as a gift a bunch of these fantastic elves for their friends and family.

Pom Pom Painting Christmas Tree Craft For Toddlers

Paint is what kids love to work with to create beautiful crafts. Toddlers will love crafting this beautiful pom pom Christmas tree. Using craft paper to cut into the shape of a Christmas tree, and then use different color, clothespins, and pom poms. Your kids can come up with a beautiful piece of art for the Christmas holiday. Kids will love this idea of creating art with pom poms and clothespins. This technique is perfect for toddlers to paint a Christmas tree. Kids will have fun creating this Christmas art and will be very happy with their wonderful little Christmas tree.

More Simple Preschooler Christmas Crafts

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Here's a few more Simple Preschooler Christmas Crafts. Sometimes your kids might get bored of flat craft projects like paintings or cards. If you are looking for something unique and different for your preschoolers to create this Christmas, try this crafts for kids that is a perfect project to build. This 3-D paper plate Christmas tree is easy and fun to build, and the supplies are very simple that you probably already have it all at your home. Create a tree with paper plates and decorate it with colorful pom poms. Your kids can decorate it with their own choice. The end result can be displayed anywhere in your house.

Popsicle Stick Reindeer

Christmas is a great time to create this cute reindeer craft in honor of our favorite red-nosed friend. Have fun this Christmas with this wonderful popsicle stick craft for kids. Add this fantastic craft to your Christmas holiday to-do list to spend time with your kids and have fun. This craft is super simple, inexpensive, and festive too. Also, add your kids' handprint antlers to create a perfect personalized reindeer. It is also a great keepsake that you can save for many years. Your kids can also transform these stick reindeer crafts into gift package embellishments, ornaments, or simply display it as décor.

20 Days of Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

This list includes a big list of preschooler Christmas Crafts for kids every day leading up to Christmas so that your kids will have fun every day. Christmas is a holiday season that brings families together, and by crafting these fun projects with your kids you can interact more with your whole family and double your Christmas fun. Crafting these fun Christmas projects every day will allow you to talk about what Christmas truly means and cherish the time you have together. All these activities are easy to make using simple craft supplies that you already have at home.

Cute Santa Claus from cotton balls with Kid photo 

This beautiful Santa Claus craft can be created with some simple items around the house and is easy and fun. With glue, cotton balls, and paint, your kids will love crafting this fun cotton ball craft with their photos. With this cute idea, your kids can transform their photos into a delightful St. Nick. Your kids will love working with soft cotton balls and using them to create the beard of Santa Claus. This is very easy to create and your children will love the resulting craft, and it makes a perfect homemade Christmas decoration.

Gingerbread Man Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Christmas is a magical time to be cheerful and extra festive, so it's a great time to spend more time together and create fun holiday crafts together. Children love to make crafts for Christmas, and this Gingerbread Man Paper Bag Puppet Craft is a perfects project to do with your preschooler Christmas. If your family has a tradition of creating gingerbread men or houses on Christmas, you'll love making these gingerbread paper bags. They are easy and simple Christmas craft that can bring an entire family together. They are also perfect for a class party so you can also do them at school. Check out a few more Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers at the bottom of our post.

A Few More Cute Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

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