Check out this today's preschool videos of the week! These 5 videos caught our eye  for different reasons but we think you'll love them all. One shows 8 different super easy Christmas crafts. Then we have a read-aloud about masking-wearing. I'm sure that's been a pretty popular topic around your house as it is around our house.

You can also find a videos on December preschool themed ideas as well as how to make homemade ice cream and a cute game on the beginning sounds of words. Take a peak for yourself and be sure to sure it with family and friends.

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Santa Stocking2

Search Your Child's Name by First Letter

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8 Preschool  Christmas Activities

It's that time of year and Christmas crafts ideas are here! This video caught our attention with it's clever and simple crafting ideas for preschoolers. Have a look of the video. It's a quick watch. Plus if you're interesting in more Christmas crafts check out our own list of Christmas crafts for preschoolers.

Read Aloud Story | Lucy's Mask

Unfortunately this is an every day topic at the moment but we like this cute book that can be a great aid to parents. This picture books follows Lucy and the lesson she learns about mask wearing. the wearing a mask. Plus here's our list of 20 Preschool Books About Washing Hands & Germs.

Pre-K December Theme Planning

Here's a great video for developing a plan for December themed preschool ideas. More activities than crafts, but Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds gives some great ideas along with some Christmas books to read. Be sure to check out our 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Here's an adorable video with the duo River and Mommy where we get to watch as they learn to make homemade ice cream. This charming video goes step-by-step on how to make ice as we watch River help mom in the kitchen.

Words That Start with the Same Sound

Here's a simple but straightforward way to practice the sounds of the alphabet with your preschooler. This video is a game that your little one can play that requires them to pair the start of word sounds together. Here some other Preschool Alphabet Letter Games.

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