Christmas Spot the Difference (Easy Preschool Printable)

Easy Christmas Spot The Differences Pin

Today's free printable is a easy Christmas Spot the Difference printable. Yikes. That's a mouthful. We designed this printable to accessible for preschoolers since we found so many other spot the differences worksheets a little too advance.

But we believe this free worksheet hits the sweet spot--challenging enough to get them to think and compare but not too hard where they loose interest. Be sure to share it with other friends and family with preschoolers. 

And if you're looking for more free wintery printables, visit our 25 days of Christmas Books and activities.

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Easy Christmas Spot The Differences Download

Easy Christmas Spot the Differences

Depending on the worksheet (like cutouts and crafts) some parents prefer heavier printing paper, in that case you may want to invest into white cardstock or colored cardstock. But regular printing paper works perfectly well. 

A few Approaches to this Spot the Difference Printable

It's winter time and we were excited to design a Christmas spot the difference worksheet. We've seen a few others and we just didn't see anything we liked to refer to. Some were so basic and totally uninteresting and others didn't feel right for a preschooler. So here's our Christmas polar bear printable.

Ask questions too like:

"Can you find something different in the top picture from the bottom one.?"
"How many things do you see different in the picture?"

Or give this a try:

Point to one of the differences on the worksheet.
Circle something on the top picture that is different from the lower picture.

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