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Today's free printable is a Preschool Summer Worksheet I Spy Game that includes exercises for counting, searching, and writing. "I Spot" games are loads of fun and this bright summer activity sheet should be a joy to work with.

There's 8 summer themed objects and over 45 total objects to count. So grab a chair and sit your preschooler next to you and spend some time together finding some summer time fun.

Preschool Summer Worksheet Download

Preschool Summer Worksheet

Ideas for Using I Spot Summer Worksheet

When we were kids my brothers and sisters would devour I Spy games whether from books or Highlights magazine. We just loved counting and spotting object. If your toddler isn't yet familiar with these games that this should be a happy surprise. The main skill your preschooler will focus on is counting. But if they're able to write the numbers down too, make sure to have them do that as well.

This worksheet will also help them practice identifying and sorting objects too. You can also use this summer theme worksheet to have a conversation about summer and some of the things people normally do in the summer. Here are some other ideas to expand the use of the worksheet.

  • "There are four season in a year. Summer is one season." 
  • "Can you think of things we do in summer?"
  • "Let's play a counting game."
  • "How many different object are there?"
  • "How many beach balls can you find?"

Try this:

  • Count the objects. "Let's count together. I, 2, 3, 4 Popsicle." 
  • Compare number. "We found 5 suns but only 4 flowers."
  • Have your preschooler write the number. If they aren't at that level yet right it in for them. Use the tip of their finger to trace over your number.

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