Dinosaur Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Today's free printable is a dinosaur alphabet tracing worksheet that consist of capital letter tracing in a dinosaur theme. This is a fun way to practice letter tracing for all of those dinosaur-lovers out there. Letter tracing is one of the first steps to introducing letter writing which later leads to name writing.

Download the printable below to get started. Plus we've included some ideas on home to engage your preschooler with the worksheet.

Rbn Crn Red Dinosaur Alphabet Tracing Worksheet (Free Printable)


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Dinosaur Alphabet Tracing Worksheet (Free Printable)

Download Dinosaur Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Dinosaur Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Ideas for introducing Dinosaur Letter Tracing

Dinosaurs are fun and immediately conjure up a whole other world for children. Use this to your advantage and make it an adventure. These dinosaurs are color-coded to add another element to the worksheet. You can use it to group the dinosaurs and identify them separately. Work on the sheets together and say the letters as you child traces them.

You can also employ a color lesson after or before they trace the letters. The dinosaurs can be colored to connect them. And then you can ask your child about the dinosaur of one set of colors. Depending on your child's age you may want to skip the pencil and use the tip of their finger to trace over the letters. You may choose to say things like:

  • "Let's go on a dinosaur adventure!" 
  • "Let's trace the letters with our fingers of each dinosaur."
  • "Let's trace the letters of each dinosaur. with a pencil (or crayon)."

Try this:

  • Color all the sets of dinosaurs. "Let's color all the green dinosaurs." 
  • Ask questions. "Which dinosaur is your favorite? What letter is it?"
  • Practice reciting the alphabet. "ABCD..."
  • Categorize. "What letters are the blue dinosaurs?"
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