4Th Of July Color Scavenger Hunt Pin

Today's freebie is a Preschool 4th of July Color Scavenger Hunt printable. Our favorite summer-time holiday is around the corner so it's a great time to get some activities ready for your preschooler. This scavenger hunt game focuses on three colors and there should be plenty of red white and blue during this holiday!

We'll be offering up more 4th of July activities later this week so keep an eye out. But this scavenger hunt should be a great addition to whatever activities you have planned for the holiday.

4Th Of July Color Scavenger Hunt Printable

4th of July Color Scavenger Hunt

Ideas for Using Your Color Scavenger Hunt

Here's some additional ideas to make the most of the 4th of July printable. It's not only an excuse to play a color game but you can also use it as an opportunity to talk about the meaning of the 4th of July. Specifically, the meaning of red, white and blue during this holiday.

There's no official reason for the American flag but in 1782, the secretary of the Continental Congress, claimed that the white signified purity and innocence, the red hardiness and valor, and the blue vigilance perseverance and justice. More likely, it came from the fact that our first flag for the first 13 colonies used the same colors which were borrowed from the British flag. Try asking these questions:

  • "What colors do you see on the flag?" 
  • "Do you think all flags use the same colors?"
  • "Let's see what other colors other countries use on their flags."

Try this:

  • Count the objects. "Count the red stripes." Count the white stripes." 
  • Compare number. "Is there more stripes or stars on the flag?"
  • Practice spotting colors. What in this room is red? What in this room is blue? What in this room is white?

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