Today we've put together a list of 15 4th of July Preschool Suncatchers. We really love this summer-time idea and we wanted to see how many different takes we could find. We weren't disappointed. There was a whole bunch of patriotic takes on this preschool art project. 

The ideas range from flag suncatchers to firework suncatchers and a whole lot more. Some of them are super simple and perfect for very young preschoolers and others are a bit more complicated. Those ideas will need mom or dad for help but you can choose what level works best for you and your preschooler.

4Th Of July Preschool Suncatchers Pin

So have a look and go through them all. Be sure to click through if you find an idea you really love. You'll find full details on how to make these 4th of July preschool suncatchers and not just the summaries of them. Good luck! Let us know what you think!

Big List Of 4Th Of July Preschool Suncatchers

Our Favorite 4th of July Preschool Suncatchers

American Flag Suncatcher

Cut (or have your child cut) the middle out of a piece of black construction paper to make a frame. Place a piece of clear contact paper behind it, sticky side up. Then have your child add small squares of red, white, and blue pieces of tissue paper on top of the sticky contact paper to make an American Flag. Hang in front of a window and watch the light illuminate the tissue paper flag!​

Faux Fireworks Suncatcher

Take a plastic lid with a lip to it and pour a small layer of ModPodge into it, spreading around to cover the whole lid. Then drizzle concentric circles of red and blue paint around the center point (an older child could probably do this themselves). Have your child drag the paint drops out from the center towards the edges, like the spokes of a wheel, with a toothpick. Let the ModPodge dry in the lid, and when it's completely dry, peel it out to reveal a transparent firework display!

Star-Spangled Suncatchers

Have your little one arrange five popsicle sticks in a star shape and glue them together for them at the corners. When dry and secure, have your child add white glue to the side facing up - it might be easier to have them brush it on with a paintbrush. Once the surface is covered in glue, they can adhere a piece of tissue paper to it in their choice of red, white, or blue. Once dry, trim the excess paper from the edges and your child will have a lovely translucent star to hang in the window! ​

Patriotic Stars Suncatcher

Cut (or have your child cut) the middle out of a piece of red or white cardstock to make a frame. Place a piece of clear contact paper behind it, sticky side up. Cut or punch out some stars in white paper or cardstock and have your preschooler place them wherever they like inside the frame, adhering them to the sticky side of the contact paper. Then let them tear up small pieces of red and blue tissue paper and stick those onto the contact paper as well. When they're done, you can hang their masterpiece in the window to enjoy!

Some Other Takes on Patriotic Suncatchers

Paper Plate Patriotic Suncatcher

Take a red or blue paper plate and cut the middle out to make a circular frame (or let your little one cut out the middle if they're able). Lay a piece of clear contact paper over the hole, cut to fit, sticky side down. Flip the plate over so the sticky side of the contact paper is up, and have your child place a silver metallic paper star in the middle (or you can cut one from aluminum foil). Then let them sprinkle red, white, and blue confetti over the sticky side so it adheres (you can use a hole punch and make confetti if you wish). Place another circle of the clear contact paper on top to seal in the confetti, and your child's suncatcher is complete!

Patriotic Flag Suncatcher

Take a clear acrylic disc and some red, white, and blue acrylic beads. Have your child glue them with clear jewelry glue onto the disc in the shape of a flag, and around the perimeter of the disc to make a frame. Hang with clear or white thread in the window.

Patriotic Suncatcher

Grab a ziplock bag and some red, white, and blue tissue paper. Have your preschooler tear or cut pieces of the tissue paper and tape them to one side of the bag. Flip the bag over. Take a piece of blue or red construction paper and cut into 4 strips. Place these around the edges of the ziplock bag to make a frame, cut to the right lengths, and tape everything down securely. Add a string or a ribbon to the top and hang your kid's suncatcher from a window!

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

Cut a white paper plate in half, then cut out the middle bit so just the "rind" is left. Have your child paint the piece of plate green. While the paint is drying, take a piece of clear contact paper, and place it sticky side up. Give your child some small black circles of tissue paper (or let them cut it) to adhere to it as "seeds." Next, have them tear small pieces of pink tissue paper and stick those down to the contact paper as well. Place another piece of the contact paper on top to seal all of the pieces in. Trim the corners of the tissue paper sandwich down to fit in the "rind" of the paper plate and tape down, then hang in a window to let the light through!

Even More 4th of July Suncatchers

Still looking for more 4th of July preschool suncatchers? Well, here's a few more ideas that may spark your imagination. Or combine two different ideas to make your own. We compiled this list mainly to inspire and get those wheels turning in your head. Have fun! 

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