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To celebrate MLK Day we've collected 9 Clever Martin Luther King Jr. preschool activities. These ideas are great inspiration to develop your own idea or make them as you see. Some are easy and some involve a bit more supplies. There's even some great ideas to introduce Martin Luther King Jr. Day to toddlers.

The activities range from art projects to painting, to printables to even baking ideas. We really explored the may way to celebrate one of America's civil right leaders.

Be sure to share it with friends and family of preschooled-age kids.

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Martin Luther King Jr Preschool Activities Big List

Delightful Martin Luther King Jr Preschool Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring Page

Are you looking for a quick and easy activity to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Involve your preschooler in a coloring project! This free printable coloring page, which is part of the bonus content from the book ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History, features Dr. King's portrait and is just right for young children learning to color with crayons or markers. Click here to download this Martin Luther King Coloring Page PDF.

Martin Luther King Coloring Page Pdf

Fun MLK Jr Holiday Craft Project

Using this fun MLK Jr. holiday craft project, help your children understand and learn about Martin Luther King’s fight for justice and equality throughout the world and his dream to encourage love and peace among all people. This fun Martin Luther King Jr craft is excellent for kids to create on MLK day. This Martin Luther King Day craft is a perfect way for kids to learn about MLK and begin a meaningful conversation. This craft can help kids understand other cultures and start a discussion about the principles that Martin Luther King Jr stood for.

Martin Luther King Freedom Bell

This Martin Luther King Freedom Bell will help kids learn about the great Martin Luther King Jr and his message for peace, freedom, and equality. It is also a great way to help kids develop fine motor skills. It can be created using craft supplies like a bell, skin-colored craft paper, bell, ribbon, scissors, glue, markers, Styrofoam cup, and aluminum foil. Ring the bell and show it to kids. See the response of your preschooler over the sound that the bell makes. Get a reaction from your little ones and tell them that Martin Luther King Jr. wanted freedom to ring all over America.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Egg Cracking Activity

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great time to draw kids’ attention towards the importance of freedom in this country. This egg cracking activity is a clever way to discuss equality in our society. It is an engaging and fun way to learn about equal rights for all that is perfect for preschoolers. This activity aims to show kids that people may look different on the outside but are similar on the inside. This activity is a real benefit as it will get kids to think and teach them a valuable lesson in a fun way.

“I Have a Dream,” Activities

These activities are perfect for kids ages 3 to 4. This activity teaches about diversity using scientific experiments and then creating a cloud with a rainbow reflecting their future dreams. Provide them with markers and construction paper to make their cloud and the rainbow. Add in their dreams at the top when they’re done. They can use markers to write “I have a dream” on the white cloud to show that they have dreams like MLK. Then craft it in different colors in the rainbow bursting from out of the cloud where they write about their dreams for their future. It is a lovely and thoughtful activity.

More Martin Luther King Jr Preschool Activities

Peace Dove Handprint

Here's another batch of Martin Luther King Jr. preschool activities. MLK always believed in peace and this peace dove handprint craft is a great reminder of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of peace. Try this great and super easy peace dove handprint craft in honor of Dr. King. Peace Dove Hand Print is easy to create, and all you need is the white-colored paint to make the handprint. It is perfect for kids between 2 to 5 years of age. This craft will help kids learn the importance of equality. Talk about friendship and peace on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with your kids using this pretty peace dove handprint.

Shared Handprint

Like the last art project, this shared handprint craft is a fabulous way to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. It is an easy and fun craft to create at home or in the classroom with your kids. It teaches them the concept of fairness. It is a valuable lesson to teach your kids the history of equal rights, and celebrating this day is an excellent way to do it. This shared handprint teaches togetherness and equality. It is a perfect way to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and people who worked for equality.

Martin Luther King Jr Day Craft

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the greatest African-American speakers and civil rights activist who used peaceful methods to change minds. Martin Luther King Jr.’s day honors the life of MLK. On this day, get your children involved with activities and crafts that will help them learn about the legacy of Dr. King’s community activism and non-violence. These Martin Luther King Jr. Day art projects are easy to create, and your kids will create them with love. These crafts like peace dove handprint, peace flower handprint are the best way to covey this inspirational man’s hopes and principles.

Love in Hand Cookies for MLK Day

Love in hand cookies are a perfect way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and share a treat with your preschooler. Keep your heart in hand to share the love on this day instead of wearing it on your sleeve. These loves in hand cookies are the best way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. You can use a hand-shaped and a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make these beautiful love in hand cookies. These cookies are easy to make with few ingredients, and your kids will love these “love in hand” cookies. Spend MLK day with your kids by looking for some ways to serve the community and spread the message of tolerance, love, and the ripple effect of doing good.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Printables and Read Alouds

This activity is a fun way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. as it will help your little one learn about his life and the impact of his work today. It can be difficult for kids to understand the concept of injustice and inequality. These free Martin Luther King Jr. Printables and read alouds are a great way to help kids learn these concepts. Read alouds are an excellent way to involve kids as it can lead to discussion. After reading some of these books aloud, you can ask kids to show what they dream for themselves, their family or even the world.

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