April 14, 2020

Dolphin Word Trace Printable

Here's a free dolphin word trace printable to celebrate National Dolphin Day. Every April 14th we celebrate the cutest mammal in the sea. These bright, social animals are known for their playful spirits. They also gather in families just like us.

Male dolphins are referred to as bulls, while female dolphins go by the name cow. Young dolphins go by the name calves. You can learn a lot of interesting facts about these amazing creature by watching the videos below. Plus be sure to download this free dolphin word trace printable. Preschoolers can practice eye hand coordination as well as letter practicing. They can even color it too!

Dolphin Word Trace Printable


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Dolphin Word Trace Download

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Dolphin Word Trace Printable


A few other interesting facts about dolphins.

  • Dolphins love to take naps.
  • They whistle and click to communicate.
  • Their language is still a mystery to scientist.
  • Dolphins use echolocation to navigate the sea.
  • Dolphins make friends with other dolphins.
  • Dolphin have names that they responds to.
  • Over 40 different dolphin species exist.
  • Dolphins don't use their teeth to chew food.
  • They usually give birth to just one calf.
  • They can regenerated skin every two hours.

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