April 13, 2020

Light and Dark Preschool Activities

Here are some great light and dark preschool activities that are simple but fun for the little ones. Not everyone will grow up to be an artist but art and drawing offers benefits for any aspiring artist. Especially preschoolers because it develops fine motor skills and deeper cognitive processing.

This idea from Rookieparenting.com is great also because it increases kid's imagination potential, creativity and confidence. The amazing thing about this activity is that anyone can do it and you can trying drawing shadows for all sorts of things from toys to parts of your body. Make sure to encourage creativity. Check out all the ideas below to spark your imagination.

Light and Dark Preschool Activities


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Preschool Shadow Drawings

Light and Dark Preschool Activities


Shadow Drawing for Preschoolers

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Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


Drawing with light and shadow is such an easy and yet fun activity for little kids. It really helps them recognize and understand several important concepts in physics.  By observing the different (funny) shapes created by sunlight at different time of the day, children may even become more creative!


Even More Ideas for Light and Dark Preschool Activities

Here's a few more shadow drawing activities with a few spins on the idea. Take a look at them. If your little one create something your proud of, be sure to share with it with other parent's on our facebook page to inspire them.

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