Today we've put together a list of 16 Fourth of July handprint crafts for preschoolers. These simple but patriotic crafts are fun and easy and get the kiddos in the 4th of July spirit. We hope this list is a point of inspiration for you and you'll come up with something fantastic on your own.

Some of these riff on the same idea but I think you'll be surprised to find how many different ways you can stamp a child's hand in paint and come up with something wonderful. We even threw in a few footprint ideas to change things up and show the full range of ideas possible. Especially if you have tiny preschoolers.

Fourth Of July Handprint Crafts Pin

So grab a couple of bottles of red, white, and blue paint (or make a quick run to the store!) and a few paint brushes and celebrate the 4th with these Fourth of July handprint crafts. Let us know what you think or what you came up with!

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Big List Of Fourth Of July Handprint Crafts

Our Favorite Fourth of July Handprint Crafts

Cute American Flag Handprint

Your little one will have a blast making this cute American Flag print. Supplies needed include: paint (red, white and blue), a paint brush and some construction paper. Paint a corner of the child's palm blue and the fingers in a white and red striped pattern. Place their palm on the paper to create your print. Let your child's art dry and then paint a white star in center of the blue corner.

Handprint Fireworks

For this craft you will require a piece of white paper along with some red and blue paint. Paint the little ones hands to generate prints. Cut around the prints with scissors. Paint another piece of white paper with multiple overlapping red and blue x's in the middle of the page. Glue the handprints down over the dried painted x's. Take some glitter glue and add a few more streaks to give the print a little sparkle.

Handprint American Flag

Reproduce this simple patriotic masterpiece by painting the palm blue and the fingers red and white. Make an impression of the hand to bring the flag to life. When dry let the children have fun decorating the blue section of the print with silver stars. Add ribbon to the corner of your paper for a fun detail. Kids will enjoy fabricating their own flag by gluing a Popsicle stick to the back of the card stock.

I Heart USA Handprint

This cute flag design is easy to recreate. For supplies you will need a piece of heavy paper and paint (red, white and blue), Paint both of you child's hands. One hand will have a red and white striped design and the other hand will feature a blue square along with the striped pattern. Place hands together at finger tips to construct a heart shaped impression.

American Flag Handprint

To make this sweet mixed media flag you will need blue paint in addition to red and white paper. Have your child place their blue hand print on the corner of the white paper. Cut out 4 strips or red paper and glue them onto the white paper around the handprint.

How About These Fourth of July Handprints

4th of July Kids T shirt

Kids will be excited to design their own shirt. Select a white shirt to decorate. Use red and blue paint to make the design. Have your child press their painted blue hand down on the shirt. Paint four red stripes around the blue handprint to finish this elementary flag.

4th of July Footprint Fireworks

To create this firework craft you will need to paint your child's feet. Paint the heels red and the top half of the feet blue.. Have them slowly step onto the paper to create the print. After the painting is dry you can use a black marker to draw a fuse coming out of the heels. Draw or paint some yellow streaks coming from the fuse to show the firecracker is ready to explode.

Firework Handprint T shirt

This quick and easy project will allow your little ones to paint their own patriotic shirt. Have them place blue and red handprints all over the front of the shirt. Next paint streaks around the prints to represent fireworks exploding in the sky.

American Eagle Handprint

Painting an eagle has never been easier with this basic handprint design. Paint the hands brown and press them down on the paper; Slightly overlap the two prints to form the bird's body. Add some white paint to create the head and neck, a black circle for an eye, and a yellow triangle for a beak.

Patriotic Firework Handprint Craft

Young kids will enjoy making a mess with this straight forward project. This craft combines paint, glue and glitter. On a piece of black cardstock have your kids make three prints by placing their hands faces down. Use red, white and blue paint for this. Once their impressions are dry, draw streaks coming from the prints in glue. Sprinkle each streak with a corresponding colored glitter and let dry.

Even More Fourth of July Crafts

Here's a few other handprint ideas that riff on other art. That should inspire you to come up with an idea of your own! Get your preschooler involved too, and see if they have an idea as well. Who knows, maybe next year we might feature you're clever idea.

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