Today we've put together a list of 10 Fourth of July Activities for Preschoolers that make great games for the holiday. Some of these games are super simple and designed for toddlers and others aimed at older preschoolers but all of them are a lot of fun.

What you'll find below is just a quick summary of what you need and how the games work but be sure to follow the link if you're interested in learning more. There's some really clever ideas and many of them can be put together with things just laying around the house.

Fourth Of July Activities For Preschoolers Pin

So grab a notepad to jot down some ideas and get the kiddos ready. These Fourth of July Activities for preschoolers will give the whole family an activity to share and have fun with in the sun. Enjoy! 

Big List Of Fourth Of July Activities For Preschoolers

Our Favorite Fourth of July Games

4th of July Kerplunk

Pick up two grid styled laundry baskets from your local dollar store, some small treats and dowels . Stack the red and blue baskets together and plunk in some small toys or treats. Cross the wooden dowels as you stick them through the slots on both ends of the baskets. Flip the basket over and let your little ones remove one dowel at a time and see which treat falls down. Whatever treat falls on their turn they get to keep..

Free Falling 4th of July Tower Game

This simple tower game is made for a group of kids. Set up two towers with five cup separated by 4 index cards. Each team takes turns having players remove index cards to collapse the top cup into the next. If your tower or cup falls over. You need to start again.

Stars and Strikes Bowling

Roll a ball and see how many of the ten pins you can knock down. These pins are made from Styrofoam cones and stars. A wooden dowel connects the two pieces. With blue and white striped cones and painted red or white stars your are ready to celebrate the 4th of July.

DIY Marshmallow Shooters

Decorate a toilet paper roll in red and white paper. Take a balloon and tie the end in a knot. Cut the top and secure it around the end of the tube with an elastic band to create a shooter. Pop in a marshmallow and aim, pull back the balloon tail and try to hit your target.

Fire Cracker Tag

Tie a balloon around one of a participants legs. When you yell go kids will start to tag their friends by stomping on their balloon with their free leg. Last one with a balloon wins.

You'll Love These Fourth of July Activities for Preschoolers

Ring the Flag

Grab a flag and stake it into the ground. Take some necklace sized glow sticks and try to get them around the flag. This is a great activity to improve your little ones hand and eye coordination.

Balloon Patriotic Games for Kids

All you need to play this game is a couple of paper plates attached to jumbo Popsicle sticks along with a red or blue balloon. Use your plates rackets to hit the balloon back and forth between two people. This game can be also be played alone. Just use the racket to see how long can keep the balloon up in the air.

4th of July Pinata Balloon

Use a large mouth bottle to create a funnel. Wrap the end of the balloon up around the mouth of the bottle. Drop in treats then blow up the balloon the rest of the way. Hang balloons from trees for your kids and allow them to pop it for a 4th of July treat.

Retro Style Game

Go retro for this patriotic holiday. Have a old fashioned three legged race. Teams of two tie their inside legs together and race to the finish line. Other retro games include water balloon toss, wheel barrow racing and bean bag toss.

Red and Blue Baby Pool Ball Play

This activity is designed for very young children. Set down a plastic pool with or without an inch of water in it. Fill the pool with red and blue balls of various sizes. Your preschoolers will amuse themselves by tossing the balls in and out of the pool.

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