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It's Thanksgiving and we have you covered with some dinosaur thanksgiving activities. No matter the time of year, kids love dinosaurs. They love learning about them at school, playing with their toys, and watching movies over and over. So why not a fun dinosaur thanksgiving book? Your kids will love this entertaining story and we'll give you some ideas of different activities to do with your kids when they've finished reading the book. We'll offer up some questions to ask as you read or watch the story. Plus you'll find ideas to create a lesson plan as well as dinosaur thanksgiving worksheets to download. Your kids will love this fun book. It's a great idea for homeschooling your kids or just spending an afternoon as a family.

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Activities Questions Lesson Plan

About this Dinosaur Thanksgiving Book

Dino Thanksgiving Book

Lisa Wheeler's bouncy, rhyming text and Barry Gott's energetic illustrations invite readers to a dinosaur-style Thanksgiving. Follow the dinos as they travel over the river and through the woods to join together with their families. They enjoy favorite activities like a corn maze, a televised parade with giant balloons, and of course a football game! The dinos share in not one but two feasts―one for carnivores and another for veggie-saurs. Join in the fun as they find much to be thankful for on this special holiday!

Dino Thanksgiving Read Aloud

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Use Our Dinosaur Thanksgiving Activities for a Lesson Plan

Creating a lesson plan is fun and easy and you can use our dinosaur thanksgiving activities to help build one. First choose an activity that interests you most for this book. The children learn about the food that they eat and how thankful dinosaurs are in this thanksgiving story. The most important thing about creating a lesson plan is to have fun. All of these activities are designed to help the children with different skills in order to keep them interested in what they're doing. When they can see that learning is something that they do for fun, you've done your job correctly! 

If you like, use the worksheets that are available in our download section. Decide how to teach each activity based on the age and interests of your kids. Finally, talk with your kids about what they've learned. There are also dramatic play ideas you can incorporate into your lesson plan as well as art and craft ideas to make sure your kids are getting the most out of this book.

Dino Thanksgiving Questions

It's always a good idea to ask questions as you read. When you ask children about the story, they're going to remember more about it. It helps them learn and prepares them for the next time they read a similar story. They'll remember details that you may have overlooked that they can then use as a reference point when you ask again later on. Here are some questions, but feel free to make up your own as well!

  1. Cover: What do you think will happen in this story?
  2. What is Dino short for?
  3. Do you have a favorite dinosaur?
  4. What is T Rex putting in the stove?
  5. What do you think a veggiesaur eats?
  6. What is your favorite vegetable to eat?
  7. What is your favorite thing to eat for Thanksgiving?
  8. How does our family usually spend Thanksgiving?
  9. What are you Thankful for this year?
  10. What did you like best about the story?

Free Dinosaur Thanksgiving Worksheets

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Counting

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Number Worksheet

Click to Download

Let's do start off our dinosaur thanksgiving activities with some counting! Point to the dinosaurs and turkeys as you and your child count and write the numbers together. When you finish, your child can color in all of the dinosaurs and turkeys on their sheet. You can also give your child a crayon and have them trace the number four in the center of the page.

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Number Puzzle

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Number Puzzle

Click to Download

This dinosaur thanksgiving puzzle is also a coloring page. Have your child color the dinosaur and them pull out the scissors and cut out the five sets. Mix them up and ask your child if they can reassemble it on their own. They may need help, so you can ask questions like where do the eyes go? Do they go to the top or bottom? And offer praise each time they line it up correctly.

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Coloring

Dinosaur Thanksgiving Coloring

Click to Download

Have some fun and talk about all the parts of the story that you enjoyed while they color. Print this printable out and bring out the bucket of crayons and markers and have at it!

Imaginative Play Ideas About Dinosaurs

Another great way to bring out the story is to use your imagination and pretend that you're a part of the story. Gather some stuffed animals, some cardboard boxes, and some big sheets, and let your children play Thanksgiving dinner with their dinosaurs and friends!

Thanksgiving Feast - As the story mentions, make sure you have some veggies on hand to recreate the feast. If your kids are old enough, they can help you to create the best veggie-saurs menu for this special holiday. You can even get them involved in helping you decorate the table using pie plates, colorful paper plates, and napkins for a special touch.

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Grab some rolls of paper and let your children create their own parade floats for Dino-Mite holiday. You can cut out some cool shapes of dinosaurs and turkeys and have them use the paper to draw more details on each float. If you like, feel free to color in some of the pictures and underline all of the important details so they'll remember them. Punch three holes at the top of each paper and string them together to create a parade.

Other Related Activities

Thanksgiving Cutting Worksheets

Preschool Thanksgiving Cutting Worksheets. Six pages to practice your preschooler's scissor skills. They'll also be practicing letter sounds, shape matching, and number counting! There are two printables with the colors of Thanksgiving which you can put together to make a pilgrim hat or a turkey hat. The third is a lost turkey who will use scissors to follow the dotted line back home without using pencils or crayons.

Preschool Thanksgiving Cutting Worksheets Pin

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