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Has your child ever suffered from boredom? We'll Benjamin Monkey and his friend Noah spend an afternoon trying to find a way to fix their problem. In this post, you'll find all the bonus materials included for this Benjamin Monkey book about boredom.

We'll break down a lesson plan for the week plus highlight some ideas. We'll cover some questions you can ask your child about the story and about how they feel about boredom. You will also find free printable worksheets that include finger puppets, Benjamin and Noah coloring pages, and a list of ideas to shake around in a Bored Idea Jar.  We've made a quick list of things you can do when your child is bored. The truth is, boredom isn't bad at all and it can help your little one learn to love learning again! 

Preschool Boredom Activities

About We're Bored

Benjamin Monkey Were Bored Book

The book We're Bored is a story about Benjamin and his friend Noah who find themselves one day struggling with a bout of boredom. They spend an afternoon complaining and searching to stay happily entertained for hours on end. But the solution might be more obvious than they think! The first comic book in the series, it is aimed at children 3 to 5 and designed for early readers as well. 

Benjamin Monkey We're Bored Read Aloud Tips

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Creating a Lesson Plan for a Book About Boredom

Here are some ideas you can use to create a lesson plan for this book. How you use the lessons is entirely up to you. First, take advantage of the free worksheets below as either boredom busters or as planning tools for your little one. We made them with both in mind but you can use them however you see fit!

Next, if using the worksheets doesn't suit what you're looking to accomplish or if there's content your child is ready for, feel free to read the story aloud and discuss it. The book is fun and entertaining and you can always use the questions to create a lesson plan.

We've also included some questions you can ask your child about the story, how they feel when they are bored, and to help you have conversations with them. This is always important when it comes to children 3 to 5 as they are growing up so fast and gaining so much self-awareness.

We're Bored Questions

Here's a few questions you can ask your child as you read the book. Asking questions gets them more engaged in the book and they feel more involved with the reading.

  1. Cover: What do you think will happen in this story?
  2. Where are Benjamin and Noah?
  3. Have you ever been bored?
  4. What do you think Benjamin said about being bored?
  5. What do you do when you are bored?
  6. PG.9: Who do you like to play with?
  7. What do you like most about playing?
  8. How is Benjamin's idea for fun different from Noah's? Why might it work better?
  9. PG. 10: What do you think Noah heard on the phone?
  10. PG. 11: How do you think Benjamin feels?
  11. What do you think will happen next?
  12. PG. 13: What do you think they should do?
  13. PG. 16: Do you know what a dandelion is?
  14. Have you ever wished upon a dandelion?
  15. What happens when you blow on a dandelion?
  16. Why do you think it took so long for Benjamin and Noah to figure out why they were bored?
  17. Noah and Benjamin the same?
  18. How are they different?
  19. Why do you think Benjamin and Noah are such good friends?
  20. What did you like about the book?

Free Benjamin Monkey We're Bored Worksheets

Benjamin & Noah Finger Puppets Printable

Benjamin Monkey Were Bored Finger Puppets

Click to Download

Bring the story to life and print out this Benjamin and Noah finger puppets. If you have card stock all the better, but any 'ol paper will do. After you read the story use these finger puppets and ask to imagine what happens after the story ended.

Benjamin Monkey Coloring

Benjamin Monkey Coloring Printable

Click to Download

Yay! Benjamin Monkey coloring pages. Here's a printable your child can color on after you've finished the book. Or use it on a day when they're feeling a little bored and can't think of something to do!

Bored Jar Ideas Printable

Bored Jar Ideas Printable

Click to Download

Find a jar and grab some scissors and start cutting away! The next day the family is at a loss for what to do, shake up the jar and pick out an idea. There's eight indoor ideas and 8 outdoor ideas. Get your child involved and add a few ideas of their own. 

Noah Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page Printable

Click to Download

After they're done coloring Benjamin be sure to give Noah some color too! Ask your child what shapes can they find on this coloring page? Can they color those shapes first? What colors belong on Noah's shirt? Would they like to give Noah a new color of shirt? They can!

Imaginative Play Ideas for Boredom

Imaginative play is a great way for kids to express themselves and play creatively. Children learn a lot about imagination and creativity as they play, not to mention problem-solving skills. Basically, it's a win-win situation for parents because it engages kids, but also gives you time to do whatever else needs to be done! Here are some ideas you can use with this book or any other story your child likes.

Imaginary Camping Trip - Pretend your child is Benjamin and give him his own dandelion as he packs for his imaginary camping trip. Have him make a list of all the things he needs to take and then give him some extra clothes, a flashlight, and some food. As you set up your "camping tent" (a sheet with two chairs on either side) ask him questions like: How do we keep ourselves safe? Should we buy bug spray? Have you ever been camping before? 

Craft Ideas for Benjamin Monkey

Find inspiration with the book about boredom and make some Benjamin Monkey craft ideas. Try taking a paper plate and cutting out a monkey face. Then, using white paper and googly eyes, create a little panda friend. Kids can draw on their own features or use a template to make it easier for them. When you are all finished, take a photo of your child with his new friend!

Dandelions Crafts - Using a dandelion, children can make their own flower out of tissue paper. Have them cut several different colored flowers and use Elmer's glue to attach them to the stem. Once they are dry, kids can add some googly eyes and stick the dandelion into a cup or jar for all their friends and family to enjoy!

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