I love this idea to send a hug in the mail! It's smart and sweet and also easy for any little one to do. In the time of social distancing, this clever little art project can be a sweet gift to grandparents or friends or family that are missed. The idea is to outline your child with their arms extend and trace out their body. Then cut out their silhouette. Finally, embellish it with some paint and drawing. Tidiness isn't the aim here. It's just some good ol' fashion creativity. Let it dry and package it up for the mail.

We've added a few additional ideas we found for sending out love in the mail in the form of DIY cards for preschoolers. They're all cute ideas that may be a better fit if you're missing supplies for the hug in the mail idea. Check them out.

Light And Dark Preschool Activities

Rbn Crn Red Send A Hug In The Mail


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Send A Hug In The Mail

Send a Hug in the Mail

Send A Hug In The Mail


Send a Hug in the Mail

Best for Ages:



Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


From The Lean Green Bean: Last Fall, we did this mail a hug activity as part of our 75 Acts of Kindness for Kids challenge and it was a huge hit! We mailed one to my parents and one to my sister, since they both live several states away. It’s such a simple activity but it really can brighten someone’s day.


Even More Ideas for Hugs in the Mail (sort of)

We discovered a few additional ideas that weren't necessarily meant for sending love over the mail, but that still fit that purpose. Some of these can be used for Mother's Day and Father's Day since that's coming up soon. But our aim here was to offer a few more cute ideas that would great to create and even better to receive.

Free Bonus Printables

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