April 28, 2020

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Pinterest Number 3 Worksheet

Today's free printable is a number 3 worksheet that includes exercises for counting, tracing, and coloring. Math plays a big role in your child's early development, and it's all around them. In the toys they collect, in the bundle of fruits they eat, in the number of fingers they have on their hand.

It's your choice how you wish to use this worksheet, and a lot will depend on how far along your child is with the concept of numbers. We've listed a few ideas below.


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Number 3 Worksheet


Ideas for introducing Number 3

There's no right or wrong way to use this number worksheet, but ideally, you'll want to aim to go beyond just memorization. Children find it easy to memorize numbers. Most will count to ten quickly. They recite numbers. But you'll want to teach them what numbers mean. Three means there are three items. Not two, not one. But three.

Teaching them to group and sort things helps them to learn the concept of quantity. Grouping and sorting is a great way to bring in objects from their everyday world. Toys or snacks make a great option, and you can practice comparing and contrasting quantities on a daily bases. 

  • "Can you give me three trucks?" 
  • "Let's count how many grapes you have on your plate."
  • "How many do you have if I take one away?"

Try this:

  • Count the objects. "One, two, three trees." 
  • Compare number. "First, let's color two owls. Now let's do three.
  • Practice tracing the number 3.
  • Categorize. Explain that these objects are different, but they are the same in quantity. "We have three trees and three stars. Is that the same amount?"

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