Fun Pre Writing Technique for Preschoolers

Pre Writing Technique for Preschoolers

Today's Great Idea of the Day is a fun method to introduce a pre writing technique for preschoolers  by Days with Grey.  What we love about this idea is how it turns a pre writing activity on its head. Instead employing a pencil or crayon, Days with Grey creates an original way to develop fine motor skills while making it fun.

Using tape and a marker to make a road for your child to follow. And this isn't only for boys, girls can use any of their toy too. Trying using a Barbie car or an animal to hop along the road. Another option is, instead of using the tape as a road you can also use it to make it a slide for dolls to slide down on. This is such a great simple idea to promot had strength and hand eye coordination. Enjoy!

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Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Fun Pre Writing Technique For Preschoolers
Pre Writing Technique For Preschoolers


Prewriting Activities for Preschoolers

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Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


Ready to get your child moving? Try this prewriting activity.
Now, I know, writing and moving your body are not typically seen together.  It’s a little like me asking you to add pickles to your ice cream.  But put the two together to help encourage your child to move left to right, along with seeing lines as straights, zigzags and curves, and you’ve got magic.


Did you know that tons of research suggests early childhood education creates profound lifelong advantages for a child? Seriously. And it might not be what you expect. You probably think the benefits are academic, but in fact, they're more closely related to the quality of life in adulthood.

Kids with a robust early-education foundation are more likely to graduate and less likely to struggle with substance abuse and arrest as an adult. It's even shown in one case study that the likelihood of completing college goes up.

So, the real benefits don't come about because of the education advantage. It all pretty much seems to fade once they enter a classroom, according to research. But actually in the quality of time shared with a child. So don't stress out too much if your child struggles to master some particular activity. Your child is gaining advantages later in life because you are merely spending that time with them. Keep at it!

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