Today we've put together 12 Easy Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers. We went looking for some of the best turkey ideas that you can make rather quickly or easily. The holidays can be hectic and sometimes you just need a simple craft to engage your preschooler. Many of these you might be able to do with items around the house.

We given you a quick summary of some of our favorite turkey crafts but you can see the full post by clicking through below. 

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Our Favorite Easy Turkey Crafts

Sponged painted thanksgiving turkey craft

Thanksgiving is close by, and kids usually get very excited to celebrate. This easy and quick sponge-painted thanksgiving turkey craft for kids can be created by painting with a sponge on paper plates for the turkey’s feathers and your kids will surely love this craft idea. It is an awesome thanksgiving themed turkey craft that doesn’t require any special skills or tools and your kids can easily make them. Your kids can get creative with this thanksgiving turkey craft. With this beautiful turkey craft, your kids can make thanksgiving even more fun.

Coffee Filter Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving is a great way to teach children how to reflect on blessings. Coffee filter turkey is a wonderful thanksgiving craft for kids. This craft is very easy to make and takes around 20 to 30 minutes to craft using some simple supplies. These lovely turkey crafts can also serve as fantastic decorations. Coffee filter turkey thanksgiving crafts are great for kindergarten and preschool children. Your kids will love the making process of this cute craft. They can help with cutting and coloring. Tie and die coloring of filter paper looks amazing and the resultant turkey looks fantastic.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are fun activities and crafts for your kids on the great gathering occasion. Thanksgiving is approaching, it is the best time to create easy and fun thanksgiving crafts with kids. Thanksgiving crafts are the best way to teach kids how to be thankful for everything they have. It will help make your kids feel positive and get into the holiday mood. There are lots of easy and fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids to create and enjoy this thanksgiving day. Your kids can create crafts like a dot turkey craft, painted pine cone turkeys, gratefulness rocks, turkey puppet, pumpkin pie kids crafts, or other fun thanksgiving crafts for your kids to enjoy.

Super simple color handprint

Toddlers and preschoolers always love creating colorful handprints. This super simple color handprint is a fun art experience for your kids. It is an artistic painting idea for any occasion. Kids will love this craft and enjoy mixing and blending colors as well as printing their hands on paper. It is the best craft project as it is also a great gift. Kids can use their favorite colors to create this beautiful little handle print. It can be a unique hand-print calendar for Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandpa and you can name it accordingly.

Thanksgiving Placemats

Your kids will love making these handprint turkey thanksgiving placemats and placing their creations at the table on this thanksgiving day. This craft can complete your celebration at this holiday gathering. The activity involves hand printing on paper with different colors and making a half-circle while pasting the turkey in the middle. They are also a keepsake and your kids can add their names, year, or thanksgiving message. Your kids will have a lot of fun crafting these thanksgiving turkey-themed placemats and decorating their tables with them on thanksgiving day. Have fun creating these cute and lovely thanksgiving placemats with your kids.

Turkey template

On Thanksgiving day, kids love to engage with some lovely crafts and activities to cheer up their day. Turkey themed crafts are greatly loved by kids as they are easy to make and look very cute. The making of turkey-themed crafts can become even easier with the turkey template. Turkey templates can be used to create a beautiful turkey papercraft. You can print out the turkey template on a full coloring page and let your kids color and decorate it. Another way to use the turkey template is by printing out the cut-out turkey template and tracing it on paper to craft your own fabulous thanksgiving turkey craft.

Paper plate turkey craft for kids

It is again the time of year for having fun and creating beautiful thanksgiving crafts. Kids love to enjoy and celebrate holidays with fun kid activities and fun craft projects. At Thanksgiving, we look for crafts that help us exhibit thankfulness and gratitude. Let your kids make this beautiful paper plate turkey craft to have fun. It is an easy and quick craft that can be created with a few craft supplies that you already have in your home. It is a fun activity and is not complicated for your kids, so they can create it with minimal help from adults.

Turkey Spoon Craft

Your kids will love this idea of transforming a wooden or plastic spoon into a cute turkey. This craft will turn out to be a pretty and adorable turkey. Your kids will love making this easy turkey craft and having fun at Thanksgiving time. Turkey spoon craft is very simple and inexpensive. It would be perfect for your children’s puppet show or they can also stick it into the floral foam as a centerpiece. You can also put it in your indoor spices or herbs pot for Thanksgiving or fall. This simple yet adorable turkey spoon craft will make your little one's day.

Leaf Turkeys: Easy Leaf Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

During the fall season, creating different turkey-themed crafts is great fun for kids. Your kids can create amazing turkey crafts using a few supplies and a little imagination. This easy leaf turkey craft is perfect for preschoolers to make and have fun with. Your kids will love creating leaf turkey crafts and decorating the house with them in the time for thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving craft is so much fun for kids and preschoolers and it will keep them occupied on thanksgiving day. It is a wonderful way for your kids to do something creative when you are preparing your holiday feast.  

Clothespin Hand Turkey Thanksgiving Kids Craft

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for everyone. It is the best time to teach kids the absolute meaning of thankfulness. This clothespin hand turkey thanksgiving craft is a great craft for your kids. Making this turkey-themed thanksgiving craft is the best way to enjoy and celebrate family time. Kids love the crafts created with their handprints so they will love crafting this lovely handprint turkey with a clothespin. It can be a festive Thanksgiving ornament for your dining table. It is an easy craft that will be kept for years.

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