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Here's a clever idea:  Easter Egg Potato Stamping. You can thank the folks over at Premeditated Leftovers. Take a potato and cut into it with basic shapes that mirror the look of an Easter egg. Then bring in some paint preferably pastels or maybe some primary colors that can be mixed together and use it as a stamp.  Perfect excuse to learn about colors and coloring mixing too. Super simple. Super fun. And perfect easy activity for both parents and kids. Check out the full detail of this Easter Egg Potato Stamp by clicking on the button below.

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Rbn Crn Red Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft For Preschoolers


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft For Preschoolers
Easter Egg Potato Stamping For Preschoolers


Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft

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Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


Did you enjoy stamping with potatoes when you were a child? We are sharing how to make handmade potato Easter egg stamps for kids so you can share this fun activity with your kids! Handmade Potato Easter Egg Stamps for Kids- Grab a potato and make these DIY Easter egg stamps. Kids will love painting with this fun and frugal craft!
Crafting with stamps is a fun way to keep kids active, and these adorable egg stamps are here just in time for the Easter and spring season. 


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