9 Color Games for Preschool Aged Kids

If you're looking for color games for preschoolers to keep your kids entertained, look no further! These 8 color games are not only fun but also educational. From sorting games to matching games, your kids will be learning while they play. For many of these you'll find the things you need around the house, and it costs you next to nothing.

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Easy Toddler Color Games

Run And Sort Color Game

Run and Sort Color Game

Get your kids up and running with this color sorting game from Dayswithgrey.com. Here a game that is great for fine motor skills and coordination! Have kids grab a pom pom and run to a designated spot. Then ask them to drop their pom pom in the box for that color. It's simple and fun, but can be challenging enough for children of different ability levels.

Best for Ages: 2 to 4


  • color pom poms
  • box with dividers or shoe box

See More Here: Dayswithgrey.com

Color Match Game

Color Match Toddler Ball Game

Take a basket full of color ball and then grab some tongs and a cupcake pan. For this fun preschool game, follow the steps in this video from the Imagination Tree. Kids will love dumping balls into the matching holes and dumping out the ones that don't match. Plus, it gets them moving! For older kids you could even challenge them to sort by color or number of objects.

Best for Ages:  2 to 3


  • color ball sets
  • basket
  • cupcake pan
  • tongs

Quick and Simple Color Drop Game

Here's a quick and simple idea. Take some cardboard and cut slots from one color to another. They don't have to be perfect, just enough of a drop from one color to the next for your child to see a difference. Place a few marbles on the table and try this fun preschool game with your kids! It's a great way of practicing colors while also providing fine motor benefits.

Best for Ages: 2 to 3


  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • colored markers

Clever Pre School Color Games

Four Corners Preschool Game

Four Corners Preschool Color Game

This perfectly simple preschool game from Themanylittlejoys.com requires no prep, gets kids moving, and helps them practice colors and counting skills. First, grab some color construction paper and tape it to the floor. Then have each child take a turn standing in one of the four corners or another designated spot. Ask them to close their eyes as you scatter some small objects nearby (pom-poms, counters, puzzle pieces, etc.) The kids then open their eyes and race to find something that's the same color as the tape on the floor.

Best for Ages: 3 to 5

Materials: Color construction paper

See More Here: Themanylittlejoys.com

Color Scavenger Hunt at Home

Take a crayon of a color of your choice and use it to set off a scavenger around the home. How many blue items can you count in the kitchen? Did you find any purple items in your sister's room? This fun color hunt from Teach for Life will get kids looking all over for things that match a specific color. Plus, it can be an opportunity to teach them about descriptive words if they happen to notice the blue shirt you'd been looking for the last few days! Watch the video for other great tips.

Best for Ages: 3 to 5


  • household items of color
Feed The Shark Game

Feed The Shark Game

Munch, munch munch! This educational color sorting game from Hunnyimhomediy.com is quite the treat. If you're a shark! Ask your kids to identify which colors they're looking for when playing. Then feed the shark some fish-shaped cut-outs that match (and (not) match!) the color of the shark's mouth. Color matching strengthen children's color concepts while also enhancing sensory awareness, language skills, and fine motor dexterity.

Best for Ages: 3 to 5

Materials: Shark printables, cardboard toilet

See More Here: Hunnyimhomediy.com

Mitten Matching Color Game

Mitten Matching Color Game

123homeschool4me.com has a clever matching game that has your child hanging mittens to a clothesline. Roll a dice and match the color of the mitten to the number shown. Just watch out--if your child pulls down a pair that doesn't match, they have to hang up all of the mittens again! This preschool game works on color matching and is good for memory skills.

Best for Ages: 3 to 5


  • felt
  • clothes pin
  • string
  • dice

See More Here: 123homeschool4me.com

Basket and Ball Color Game

If you have some laundry basket of different colors, you're ready to game! This game is super easy, but provides endless fun for kids of different ages and levels. Just place the balls into the basket based on color. Then play a few rounds where your child tries to pull out all of one color before going onto the next one. It's simple enough for preschoolers, but fun enough for older kids to play again and again.

Best for Ages: 2 to 4


  • color ball sets
  • laundry basket(s)

Tag Game Color

Here's an activity that turns into an art project! Pour some paint onto plates and have your child dip their hand into the paint. Then use their hands as stamps to press onto a white t-shirt. Set them out to dry and have your kids wear them proudly! Colors are fun, but so are artistic masterpieces.

Best for Ages: 3 to 5


  • paint
  • plates
  • white t-shirts
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Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book 9 Clever Color Games For Preschoolers
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