We love the children's classic Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, by Eric Carle. It plays with so many concepts like counting, colors and animals in a fun a playful way. So we searched to find some of the most unique and fun ideas for preschoolers including printables and activity ideas.

There's whole range of printable ideas to engage your preschooler. You might want to try the number puzzle or letter tracing with animals. Our favorite is the skittle color matching. Have fun!

Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities Pre K Pin

Here's a video on Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See read aloud.

Our Favorite Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities

Brown Bear Dot Fun Printable: Learning letters one by one and sounding out the word is fun! Littles will have the opportunity to choose the correct letter again and again, allowing their memory to soak up what they're learning while practicing their fine motor skills by having to place the letter dots onto the correct circles.

Brown Bear Color Matching: Turn story time into a fun activity with this brown bear matching game. Your kiddo will get to practice both identifying the different animals of the story, then matching those animals to the correct color.

Brown Bear Circle Time: This activity gets your little one wiggling and giggling, and allows you to help practice their comprehension skills. Once you have your different animal circles made, set them all up and let your preschoolers know that as soon as they hear an animal mentioned in the book, they need to grab their animal circle and wave it all around.

Brown Bear Horse Puzzle: These printable puzzles are designed for simplicity and fun. Not only does your little get to try and match the correct puzzle pieces together, but they'll be practicing their counting skills in the process. And they'll love to ask you all about whether or not horses really come in blue, or if it's a make believe one.

Brown Bear Tot Book: Help promote and build on your child's independent learning skills with their very own, age appropriate work book. This book includes plenty of pages filled with matching games, practicing writing letters, counting activities, and much more. Plus, they'll get to enjoy working on their very own activity book while older siblings knock out after school homework.

Brown Bear Tot Bag: The act of discovering new and exciting surprises is something that calls to us all, and your toddler is no different. Let them be in charge of their own exploration by giving them the freedom to pull new adventures from their tot bag. Not only is this a great way to give your little one an activity that allows for them their independence, but it also promotes endless activities. Maybe they'll want to focus on pulling each finger puppet from their bag and practice the animal sounds, or maybe you'll prompt them to point out every sheep they find. However you play, the tot bag is the perfect way to keep your little one entertained.

Penmanship and The Brown Bear: Take some time to practice writing with these traceable letters. Your little one can use this as a great time to work on penmanship skills while also talking about the different sounds the animals make and what colors they see!

Brown Bear Math Activity: Counting with M&M candy is the perfect way to wrap up a healthy lunch. Your little one will get to color each animal and then count the candies that go with that animal - a fun way to earn a sweet treat, work on fine motor skills, and incorporate counting into the mix!

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