Since tomorrow is Earth Day we've assembled a big list of 25 Earth Day crafts for preschoolers. Along with some printables. The ideas range from baking cookies to creating Earth Day slime. Earth Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness about the importance of conservation, protection and recycling. For us it's about teaching children about protecting the planet and showing responsibility to Mother Earth. There's a ton of ways to get preschoolers involved in Earth Day. And we’ve found a good bunch of ideas that are fun and engaging for the little ones.

Remember that preschoolers are very curious and allowing them to simply explore these Earth Day crafts can be exciting and attractive. We've given plenty of ideas to try because every child is different and you'll be a better judge in deciding what craft or activity might engage them on a deeper level. They will learn so much about recycling and the world around them.

It is a great way to keep them happy and excited about life and learning. As they learn, you will find that you can easily help them understand the importance of Earth Day.

25 Earth Craft For Preschoolers

Rbn Crn Red 25 Earth Crafts For Preschoolers And Printables


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book 25 Earth Crafts For Preschoolers And Printables
25 Earth Craft For Preschoolers
Our Favorite Earth Day Idea


Earth Day Science with Seeds

Best for Ages:



Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


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Try Out These Earth Day Activities

Try out these Earth Day activities that range from using Play-doh and rocks to practice letter writing to exploring sensory play with shaving cream and toy animals. We also have some activites on recycling and science based ideas that are fun like using Skittles as an Earth Day experiment.

Make sure that you pay attention to your preschoolers. Encourage them to use their imagination. When you are trying to help them learn, it's important that you let your children do the learning. Your preschooler can come up with their own Earth Day activities too that can be a mix of education and fun. If you are going to focus on teaching Earth Day ideas to your children, make sure that you allow them to play and help each other to create interesting activities.

Even More Ideas for Earth Day

Our last batch of crafts and activities includes free printables. Plus fun activities like ballopn stamping and a few fingerprint and hand print art projects.  Take a look at them. If your little one create something your proud of, be sure to share with it with other parent's on our facebook page to inspire them.

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