Today we've put together 25 days of Christmas books and activities! For the next 25 days we will be releasing a free worksheets inspired by some of our favorite Christmas books. You can instantly download the worksheet and use it along with the story book. Or just download the worksheet by themselves for 25 days of preschool activities.

Each worksheet was designed and inspired by the book and the lesson for the day. We'll be learning about topics ranging from nature to diversity from counting to rhyming and more.

It's a whole lot of greatness packed into the days leading to Christmas. New worksheets will be released every week so be sure to return to download the new ones. Also make sure you share these 25 Days of Christmas books and activities with friends and family who could benefit.

25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities
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25 Days of Christmas Books Big_List

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Big List of 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities

Dec 1st Learning About Winter

Bright Baby Touch and Feel Winter by Roger Priddy

Starting off these 25 Days of Christmas books and activities is this board book for preschoolers. It's great for the beginning of the season because it has pictures of different things found in the winter. There are a few pages with interactive touch and feel pictures like a puffy snowflake, a soft bird, and sparkling trees.

Free Worksheet

Dec1 Worksheet 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities

Dec 2nd Learing how to Overcome grumpiness

Santa Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

This is another book in the Mother Bruce series where he's suck in a case of mistaken identity. The other animals see him in a red coat and hat and start thinking he's Santa Claus. The grumpy bear doesn't like Christmas and just wants to sleep, but the other animals keep giving him their Christmas wishes. He reluctantly participates in the Christmas activities going on, and the story ends with Bruce wanting to skip Christmas next year. Witty humor makes this a fun story for everyone.

Free Worksheet

Dec 2 Worksheet

December 3rd Learning about Problem Solving

Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

This easy-to-read story is about a freezing snowman that's just trying to get warm. He tries to get warm over and over by doing things like standing near a fire, drinking hot cocoa, sitting in a hot tub, and more. Each time he melts and the kids have to fix him. This story teaches empathy, problem-solving, and sharing in a funny, engrossing way. The illustrator captures the characters' emotions very well, which adds even more depth to the story. It focuses on love, kindness, and the spirit of the season.

Free Worksheet

Dec 3 Worksheet 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities

Dec 4th Learning About Nature

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

Day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities bring us to this adorable story that focuses on the animals you don't see during the winter. It follows a little girl and her dad while they ski through the snowy forest. The girl sees a red squirrel go underground, and she asks her dad where it went. This story gives an informative glimpse into the hidden world of hares, rabbits, squirrels, bullfrogs, and bears in their winter homes under the snow.

Free Worksheet

Dec 4 Worksheet

Dec 5th Learning About Yoga

Jenny's Winter Walk: A Kid's Yoga Winter Book by Gisselle Shardlow 

Jenny and her mom go out on a walk through a forest and they discover several creatures along the way. This calming, informative story encourages kids to participate in easy yoga poses and simple exercises. It has easy to follow guides to help with different poses. The author blends each exercise into the story while teaching about winter, the five senses, and the benefits of yoga.

Free Worksheet

Dec 5 Worksheet 25 Days of Christmas Books and Activities

Dec 6th Learning About snowflakes

Snowflake Bently by Jacqueline Briggs Martin 

This non-fiction story is a tribute to Mr. Bentley, a man who dedicated his life to exploring snowflakes. It's also the winner of the 1999 Caldecott Medal. It teaches lessons of patience, discovery, determination, and commitment through the story of a little boy that believed each snowflake was a miracle. He wanted to capture pictures of them that would show their wondrous beauty to the rest of the world. So while the other kids played in the snow, he was busy studying snowflakes until he could capture them on camera.

Free Worksheet

Christmas Book Day 6

Dec 7th Learning About Diversity

Christmas Around the World (It's A Small World) by Calliope Glass 

This story is told from different perspectives of kids from various cultures. It shows how other areas of the world celebrate Christmas. And it comes with stickers!

Free Worksheet

Christmas Book Day 7

Dec 8th Learning About Other Cultures

A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa's Tasty Trip Around the World by M.E. Furman 

Here is another multicultural celebration book that shows how different cultures celebrate the holidays. Specifically, what they leave out for Santa to eat. Learn along with your child about the diversity of traditional foods and different representations of Santa Claus.

Free Worksheet

Christmas Book Day 8

Dec 9th Learn About Family Values

When Christmas Feels Like Home by Gretchen Griffith

A little boy named Eduardo is feeling homesick after moving from his hometown in Mexico to a new town in the United States. He begins to believe that it will never feel like home, but his parents assure him that it will start around the holidays. Seeing the trees on cars, the lights, and festivities show him that it isn't so different from his hometown after all. With bits of Spanish vocabulary, this story is a gentle tale about the meaning of home.

Free Worksheet

Dec 10th Dinosaurs silliness

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? by Jane Yolen 

This is a funny story about some mischievous dinosaurs that have human parents. They're so excited for Christmas that they can't sleep. So, they stay up and sneak around while their pets witness their antics. The way they lick candy canes, pour out their stockings, eat Santa's cookies, and more will have kids hooting with laughter. This story is great for cheering up grumpy kids that don't want to go to sleep.

Free Worksheet

Christmas Book Day 10

Dec 11th Learning About Friendship

Bear Stays Up For Christmas  by Karma Wilson

This cute little book is the perfect size for tiny, kid hands. It's about a sleepy bear who's friends are desperately trying to get him to stay awake for Christmas. They give him a ton of chores to try to keep him busy, and the bear realizes that he wants to help his friends because it makes him happy.

Free Worksheet

Bear Stays Up for Christmas Worksheet

Dec 12th Learning how to settle disagreements

The Animals' Santa by Jan Brett

With magical illustrations, this story is about two disagreeing brother rabbits, Big Snowshoe and Little Snow, and their Canadian woodland friends. Big Snowshoe tells the animals of the forest that Santa is coming to leave them presents. Little Snow doesn't believe Santa is real, despite his big brother being wholly convinced. Your child can try to guess, along with the animals, about what kind of animal Santa could be. They end up rigging some ice crystals to make a sound when Santa appears, and they see that Big Snowshoe was right. Santa is a big white owl with a red hat on.

Free Worksheet

The Animals Santa Printable

Dec 13th Learning about Rhyming

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! by Lucille Colandro

This is a sing-song type rhyming book about an old lady that swallows a bunch of Christmas things. She swallows a bell, decorations, presents, and even a sleigh and reindeer. In the end, she throws all of it up and sees that it's all together. It makes a Christmas scene. It's a silly story with fun illustrations that kids will love.

Free Worksheet

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell Worksheet

Dec 14th Learning About Counting

Little Blue Truck's Christmas by Alice Shertle

Day 14 of our 25 Days of Christmas books and activities bring us to Christmas classic. A little blue truck goes to each of his friend's houses delivering trees for Christmas. After delivering trees to all of his friends, there's one tree left for the little blue truck. He takes it home, decorates it, and lights it up providing a satisfying ending. Counting along is made easy with numbered tags on each tree.

Free Worksheet

Little Blue Truck's Christmas worksheet

Dec 15th Learning About Joy

The Joyful Book by Todd Par

Ten days left of our 25 Days of Christmas books and activities. This simple, little book helps teach kids to focus on things that make them joyful by giving examples of joyful things about the holidays. With bright, colorful pictures it inspires readers to spread love and happiness all around them.

Free Worksheet

The Joyful Book color by number worksheet

Dec 16th Learning About the 5 Senses

I Got the Christmas Spirit by Connie Schofield-Morrison

This is another beautifully illustrated tale of a little girl and her family celebrating Christmas. It weaves together the spirit of Christmas and five senses so wonderfully. Follow along on her experiences throughout a wintery day. When she finally sees Santa, she wishes for love and peace everywhere, all year long.

Free Worksheet

More Coming

Dec 17th Learning About Smells

The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook) by Patricia M. Scarry

This scratch-and-sniff book is set from the perspective of a little bear that's getting ready for Christmas. Following his journey, there are six different things to smell like pine, hot chocolate, apple pie, and more.

Free Worksheet

The Sweet Smell of Christmas Worksheet

Dec 18th Learning About Recycling

Mr. Willouby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

Mr. Willouby's tree is too tall for his parlor, so he cuts off the top. The top of that tree gets passed on, snipped, and passed on again until everyone has the luxury of having a tree just like Mr. Willouby.

Free Worksheet

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree worksheet

Dec 19th Learn About Patience

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney

This edition of the Llama Llama series empathizes with how hard it is to wait for exciting things. Little Llama Llama is having fun doing Christmas activities with Mama Llama, but with each day he gets more and more impatient for the big day. He eventually has a full breakdown on Christmas Eve. When his mama comforts him with some snuggles, he realizes the real gift is that they have each other.

Free Worksheet

Llama Llama Holiday Drama worksheet

Dec 20th Learning About the Spirit of Christmas

Santa Baby by Jonathan Stutzman

This is a funny story about Santa feeling drained from old age, years of delivering presents, and climbing chimneys. He asks the spirit of Christmas to be younger, but he gets more than he wished for because he turns into a baby. Neat, eye-catching pictures show how the elves try to save Christmas by teaching baby Santa the ropes. A little girl helps save the night by helping Santa and making him see the beauty of Christmas again.

Free Worksheet

Santa Baby worksheet

Dec 21st Learning About Saving Trees

The Great Spruce by John Duvall

In this heartwarming story, a little boy named Alec loves to climb trees. He especially loves to climb the giant spruce tree that his grandfather transplanted years before he was born. When some people notice his beloved tree, they ask to take it to use for the town's Christmas celebration. Alec can't stand the thought of losing his favorite tree, so he comes up with a plan to let them borrow the tree by digging it up instead of cutting it down. This book encourages the protection of trees by using live ones instead of killing them.

Free Worksheet

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Dec 22nd Learning About Santa's Reindeer

That's Not My Reindeer... Its Body Is Too Furry by Fiona Watt

A touch-and-feel book that has different textures and hair for reindeer. It's great for toddlers and sensory development.

Free Worksheet

More Coming

Dec 23rd Learning About Giving

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin

This is a cute retelling of the classic poem The Night Before Christmas. Santa catches a cold and is unable to deliver presents, so he calls Pete the Cat for help. It's an encouraging tale that shows you can get stuff done, no matter how small you are. This book also includes a sticker sheet in it, which is a great perk for the kiddos.

Free Worksheet

More Coming

Christmas Eve! Learning About Christmas Morning

The Night Before Christmas: Classic Edition by Clement Moore

Enjoy this timeless classic on the most fitting night of the year. This is the original poem with new and beautiful illustrations, including a four-page fold-out picture of the view outside of the window.

Free Worksheet

More Coming

Christmas Night! Learning About snowmen

Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner

Follow along in this beautifully illustrated book and look through the toy shop windows on the way to the town square, where the snowmen decorate and celebrate Christmas together.

Free Worksheet

More Coming
Whether you read these books or pick your own, these 25 Days of Christmas books and activities are a great idea to create an exciting countdown to Christmas with your family. Plus, reading with your child often is great for bonding and helps teach them how to read, pronounce words, and grow their creativity. Create a family tradition that's just as beneficial as it is fun and exciting!
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