Silly Preschool Stories That Will Make Your Little One Laugh and Learn

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Hey there, awesome parents! Are you ready to see your little ones giggle and learn at the same time? We've put together a super fun collection of 'Silly Preschool Stories' that are perfect for your preschooler’s daily dose of laughter and learning. Each story is packed with whimsical adventures and colorful activities that are sure to keep those tiny hands busy and brains buzzing. So, grab some crayons, settle in, and let's turn storytime into a delightful learning journey!

A Bee with Boots

See below for the coloring page that goes along with this story.

Bee Coloring & Trace Worksheet

Preschool Bee Coloring Page

Click to Download

Here's a free worksheet that helps your child practice tracing words related to "B" words. 

Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Search Your Child's Name by FIRST Letter

Boosting Brains & Building Bonds

  • Chatter Matters: These silly video rhymes boost babbling skills and turn learning new words into a giggle-fest!
  • Imagine That: Watching colorful stories unfold fires up little imaginations and brings out the inner Picasso in every kiddo.
  • Fine Motor Mojo: Tracing and coloring along with each video gets those tiny hands crafty and coordinated.
  • Brain Boosts: Each rhyme and colorful scene helps sharpen those clever little minds.
  • Feelings Friend: Dive into video tales that teach kiddos about all kinds of emotions, helping them express 'the feels.'
  • Focus Power: From start to finish, watching and interacting with the stories enhances concentration.
  • Playdate Prep: Chatting about the story buddies helps your little one play and empathize better with friends.
  • Ready to Read: These video stories are like training wheels for reading, prepping them to become future bookworms.

Fun, interactive, and educational—these video rhymes are perfect for growing those brilliant little brains!

Benjamin Monkey Books for Preschoolers

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