5 Clever Preschool Visual Perception Activities

Today we collect 5 preschool visual perception activities to improve your preschoolers ability to make sense of what they see. Visual perceptual skills are critical for many things including moving around in the world as well as reading, writing, and manipulating things in their hands. 

Visual discrimination is vital for later abilities like reading, writing and solving math problems. These activities aid your child in getting ready for school and developing better visual memory and spatial relations. It's just a way to get your kid's brain rocking and rolling and setting a path for a life of learning.

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5 Great Visual Perception Activities

Little Spelling Box

Kids will learn more effectively with creative foam letters than ordinary letter cards. This little spelling box is perfect for learning to spell both in the classroom and at home. Kids would love to have this little spelling box and practice spelling by themselves. While doing homework, this box will surely help children. Create this little spelling box for your kids and get rid of the homework battle by making the process more attractive. You can also create a little math box for your kid to practice sums. Also, put spelling flashcards in the box to help your child practice spelling words independently. The child can read the word on the flashcard, turn it around, build the word with foam letters, and then check again.

Symmetry Picture Drawing

Symmetry picture drawings are intended to help kids develop math and geometric skills. These picture drawings are an excellent way to help children enhance their perception skills and exercise, recognizing essential math and handwriting patterns. This fun art with a math activity involves drawing the other half of the symmetrical picture. They can also color it according to their choice. This activity can help your kid develop useful skills for different writing-related tasks that we conduct daily. Besides, this activity is great fun for preschoolers; the drawing pleasure helps simplify the fact that it is vital for your child’s growth.

Occupational Therapy Activities: Design Copy Worksheet

Many kids struggle with visual perception skills. Visual perception activities like pattern copy worksheets are ideal for kids to work on their skills easily. Research has shown that there is a strong connection between writing and drawing, and copying patterns. This design copy activity can be a significant therapeutic activity for kids struggling with fine motor skills, visual-motor integration, or visual perceptual skills. You can start with a simple design with fewer dots and upgrade it by adding more dots when kids start developing skills. Kids will surely enjoy trying to replicate the design. It is a fun and great way to work on visual-motor skills, directionality, attention to task, and motor planning.

Visual Tracking Tips and Tools for Treatment

Visual tracking means the efficient movement of eyes from right to left, left to right, up and down, circular motion, or focusing the object when it moves around a person’s visual field. Visual tracking skills are essential for all activities, such as writing, reading, cutting, playing, and drawing. This visual tracking activity is simple and easy to do. You need to collect bottle caps and use round, colorful dot labels to color each cap’s inner side. Any colored marker or paint can also be used to color the caps. Then collect multicolored matching pom-poms, which you can easily find at the dollar store. Now let your kids match the pom-poms with the cap’s color. It will help develop your kid’s visual tracking skills.

Visual-Motor Integration Activities

Visual-Motor Integration is efficient and effective communication between the motor systems and the visual systems. Visual-motor integration activities such as grid pictures and dot pictures greatly help kids in learning skills. These activities will require kids to look at the picture and copy it carefully. This will help kids develop skills that are needed in learning to write. You can start with simple strokes like straight lines and loops that will help to create a circle. Later you can move to harder ones when their skills develop. These activities will help kids learn to observe and replicate numbers, letters, and shapes correctly to work on their handwriting skills.

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