Today we've assembled some preschool turkey crafts with feathers since Thanksgiving is around the corner. These crafts are super fun and are pretty easy to put together with your preschooler.

Take a look at some of the ideas below and find the one that fits you best. Here's are some other Thanksgiving art and craft ideas you might like including: Thanksgiving Party Games, Thanksgiving Paper Plate Crafts,
Thanksgiving Lunch Ideas

We're on the look out for even more great preschool Thanksgiving ideas so we will post more soon.

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Preschool Turkey Crafts With Feathers Big List

Our Favorite Turkey Crafts with Feather Ideas

Thankful Turkey Kid Craft and Book

This thankful turkey craft activity will teach children the concept of thankfulness. On the turkey’s feather kids wrote the name of people and things that they are thankful for. This activity involves discussion with kids regarding what they are thankful for and writing their replies to their thankful turkey craft. It is a perfect Thanksgiving craft for kids and a wonderful decoration as well. Kids can also add their own creativity to the craft like adding a bow tie and body of the turkey. It will help polish their creative thinking. Each day, kids add new feathers with things they are grateful for. Ultimately, on Thanksgiving Day, kids will have a lovely Turkey showing all of their thanks.

Turkey Handprint Craft with Poem

Get your kids in the mood for Thanksgiving with this beautiful and creative Turkey Handprint craft with feathers and a great Thanksgiving message. This fun handprint Turkey crafts from light brown cardstock, feathers, googly eye, and construction is a great way to involve kids on Thanksgiving. When complete, kids will love this craft turkey craft. It is very easy to create and a perfect activity for pre-school kids. Children will love creating it and giving it to those who they love for Thanksgiving. Kids can add a thanksgiving message inside the card. This craft is sure to bring happy gratitude this year.

Paper Plate Feathered Turkey Craft

Children will have a lot of fun creating paper plate feathered Turkey craft for thanksgiving as it is wonderful and very easy to make. This pretty thanksgiving craft is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and pre-k kids. Get your children thrilled for thanksgiving with this adorable and easy paper plate craft covered with bright colorful feathers and fun glitters. The final decorating process is what kids love to do and enjoy the most throughout the making of craft. Your kids will discover cutting, gluing, and decorating while preparing this lovely paper plate feathered turkey craft to exhibit for thanksgiving.

Paper Strip Turkey Craft             

Creating this adorable paper strip Turkey craft will enhance the fine motor skills of your kids. A paper strip turkey is a perfect craft for your preschoolers and toddlers for thanksgiving. Get your little ones busy with this easy activity to have fun. Kids will love crafting thanksgiving Paper Strip Turkey Craft with paper, feathers, eyes, and ribbon. It is a perfect way to work on the scissor skills of your kids while giving your craft a little texture and décor. This sweet paper strip turkey craft is a fun way to let your kids have fun on thanksgiving.

A Turkey Frame Craft

The turkey frame craft is fun and easy to turn your ordinary photos into feathery turkey themed photo frame. You kids will love to create it using some simple supplies like a frame, colorful feathers, googly eyes, brown paint, and brushes. This Thanksgiving season, let your kids craft this superb turkey frame craft to make a special keepsake. This craft can be a great gift for grandparents as they love photos of their grandchildren. Gift them this turkey-themed photo frame craft that they lovingly hang up or put in their room. The activity involves painting the frame and decorating it with feathers and googly eyes. It is a nice way to let grandparents remember this lovely Thanksgiving season for years to come.

Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers: Feather Handprint Art and counting activity

This feather handprint craft along with the counting activity is a simple way to improve the fine motor skills of your kiddos that they love to do. This craft is great for preschoolers to work on various skills and develop creativity. This hands-on learning activity will help kids learn counting, writing, sorting numbers, colors, art, and creativity. This turkey-themed feather handprint with counting activity is perfect for thanksgiving that your kids will enjoy. This feathery craft is a fun fine motor activity that your kids will definitely love.

Creative Footprint Turkey craft with Feathers

This creative footprint turkey craft with colorful feathers is a fun décor that is also a nice keepsake. Kids and preschoolers will certainly love stamping a foot on the paper to make this adorable turkey craft. This colorful Thanksgiving craft is very easy to make and a great activity to enjoy for all ages and abilities. When painting the foot of your little one, they will be tickled and the end craft will keep them laughing. A footprint can also be traced on brown paper and cut out with a little help from a grownup so that kids just have to glue on paper. With just a few supplies including a paintbrush, kid-safe paint, colorful feathers, and glue, your kids will end up creating an amazing craft for thanksgiving.

Adorable Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

This wonderful Popsicle stick turkey craft is a great way to encourage children to utilize their creativity and skills this Thanksgiving. This easy and simple craft is more like a turkey puppet that is also a great toy for your kids to play and have fun with. It is a fantastic thanksgiving craft and kids will enjoy quality time crafting it. Your kids can use a turkey template to make turkey easily and craft it in a different face, color, and feather arrangement. Whether you call it turkey puppet or turkey on a stick, it is sure to keep your kids entertained.

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