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Today's free printable are preschool opposite worksheets Opposites are really fun to teach once your preschooler gets the concept. You can see their little minds thinking and the look of pride on their face when they know the answer.

In this worksheet they can trace the main word or you can read it to them. Then they will color its opposite.

Easy Color By Number Truck

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Download Preschool Opposite Worksheets

Preschool Opposite worksheets


Ideas for Using This Opposite Worksheet

Opposites is a key concept in early education. Don't worry if your preschooler doesn't fully get the concept right away. Our goal here is simply to introduce them to the idea. Opposites are words that directly contrast each other. This worksheet offers multiple choice options which allows them to decide which answer makes the most sense. Whatever answer they choose they can color.

You may first want to give them a few examples of opposites. Ideally you can show them items that represent opposites. For example, you may use a small truck compared to a big truck. Or a small doll compared to the big doll.

  • "Which doll is short? Which doll is tall?" 
  • "These are opposites. Can you show me the opposite of this small truck?"
  • "The opposite of fast is slow."
  • "The opposite of under is over."
  • "The opposite of open is closed."

Try this:

  • Read the main word and ask, "What do you think is the opposite of soft?" 
  • Read the options to them. Let them think about the answer.
  • Ask them to color the one they think is the opposite.
  • Beyond the worksheet: Use movement to further illustrate the concepts of opposites. Ask them to reach up high. Now reach down low. Ask them to give you a big jump. Then ask them for a little jump.

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