Just in time for this Sunday we've put together a list of preschool mother's day gifts to make. Fortunately, there are many ways to turn your preschooler’s footprint or handprint into an adorable gift.

So, whether you are a dad who wants to do something special for Mom this Mother’s Day or a Mom looking for something that your preschoolers can make for their grandmother, following are some DIY gifts ideas for you:

One of preschool mother's day gifts to make that caught our attention was a butterfly card with colorful paint that is so easy to make that your preschoolers can virtually do it all on their own. 

Pinterest Preschool Mothers Day Gifts

This is an amazing gift that mom will adore and kids will have fun making it. Just let the kids use the paint smashing technique to add beautiful details and color. After that, add a cute little message like “you make my heart flutter” to complete the art.

Big List Of Preschool Mothers Day Gifts To Make

Rbn Crn Red Preschool Mother’s Day Gifts To Make


Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Preschool Mother’s Day Gifts To Make
Great Idea Preschool Mothers Day Gifts To Make

Our Favorite ​Mother's Day Craft Idea


Handprint My Little Love Bird Keepsake

Best for Ages:



Mainly home supplies but may require some purchases


From: Gluedtomycraftsblog.com Today’s Handprint My Little Love Bird Themed Keepsake Printable is the RIGHT excuse to get messy with the kids AND make an adorable crafty piece for family members {and yourself} to enjoy for years to come! It only takes a few minutes to make this crafty idea come to life but the finished piece could last a LIFETIME!


Try Out These Mother's Day DIY Gifts

Printable handprint Mother’s Day poem is an excellent gift that can be tailor-made to fit each preschooler’s skill levels. If the kids cannot write yet, you should write for them. For those who can write, let them type it up, use the colorful graphics, and add their special handprints. This adorable little gift will surely melt mom’s heart.

Mom deserves a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day and your preschooler can make her one from colorful egg cartons. This DIY egg carton bouquet is gorgeous and your kids can get to choose the designs and colors that they have. You will just need to help them with the cutting and let them do their own thing to decorate the bouquet however they want with markers, pom poms, crayons, or paints.

More Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Mom will surely love this cute fingerprint Mother’s Day art. It is made from homemade finger paints which means kids of any age can get involved. Let your preschoolers choose their favorite paint colors and customize this awesome gift for mom.

Or how about a simple Mother’s Day art such as a handprint cactus card can become a precious family memento. To make this amazing card, help your preschoolers cut a cactus from scrapbook paper or patterned cardstock. Glue the cactus onto a piece of paper in a matching color. Finally, write a sweet message to mom and glue that piece of paper inside the card.

Another  idea is this is simple, budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift idea for preschoolers. Transform a clear vase into a cool gift for Mom. Let the kids choose the color and pour a tiny amount of glass paint or enamel into the bottom of the vase and let it dry overnight. Next day, use a different color to coat the jar. Finally, decorate the jar with a colorful ribbon and a tag saying “Happy Mother’s Day”. Remember to use artificial flowers only as the vase will not be water safe.

If your preschoolers love art and craft, they are going to adore these simple DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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