Preschool Morning Songs (15 Perfect Starters)

We collected 15 Preschool Morning Songs that will help get the day started on the right foot! Some of these songs are circle songs and others are just cheerful ways to start the day. All of them free and all of them available on Youtube to use whenever you need.

Most of us are familiar with the struggle to start the day right with any toddler. And songs are a great way to lift the spirit of the day immediately. But if you've haven't collected a few songs then this list will be a great use.

Pinterest Preschool Morning Songs

Some of these songs are aimed at school settings but they work just as well at home. Even if it's just you and your child. The nature of song will be something that your preschooler will latch on to and sing along. Start with a good breakfast and a lively song and those sleepy eyes will light up.

It is a great way to get them excited about the day ahead and the wonderful things in store for them.

Great Idea Preschool Morning Songs
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Our Favorite Morning Song


A Simple Good Morning Song

Best for Ages:





In this video Lisa Murphy teaches the audience in Chadron, NE a few of her favorite "good morning" songs. A simple but perfect way to start the day that any child can sing along to immediately. 


Start the Day with Preschool Morning Song

If you're looking for circle songs check out the first three on our list. These are great songs to use in your daily routine to get the kids focused and ready for the day. But you can also start the day with songs about greetings. There are several on the list that make great examples. 

A greeting song is wonderful because they also learn about sharing a warm hello with others. Several of the songs are also work as great excuses to get the kids moving and have dances that they can move along with.

Morning Songs without Words

If you're looking for a few preschool morning songs to start the day out a little slower, try these two songs that you can set in the background. They're relaxing tunes that will stimulate their minds but not over excite them. 

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