Today we've assembled 25 outdoor water play sprinklers ideas. It's getting hot outside for many of us and splashing around in some water fun sounds like the best way to spend an afternoon. So we scoured the web to come up with the best ideas we could find. We think you'll love these DIY sprinkler ideas. 

And don't worry, we've selected a range in ease, from the complicated to the simple. You can decide how elaborate you want this project to be, but this will get you going. You'll find ideas for kiddie car washes and splash pads and just sprinkler set ups to ride toy cars through.

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So pull out the hose from the front the lawn and grab a note pad to scribble down some DIY sprinkler ideas that will get your preschooler excited to be out in the sun. Let us know what you think!

Big List Of Outdoor Water Play Sprinklers

Our Favorite DIY Water Play Sprinklers Ideas


Kiddie Car Wash is an exciting outdoor activity for kids. To do this, you have to cut PVC pipes into pieces, so you end up having three 3-foot pieces, two 1-foot pieces, twenty-six 2.5-foot pieces and three 6-inch pieces. The materials for this are very affordable and easy to find. Connecting the pipes keep your kids entertained and engaged. 


This is another amazing DIY for kiddies and it is very easy to make. Get a double layer of plastic, then curl the plastic on the pool noodles and use a duck-tape to hold it in place. Hold the plastic in place on the edges with anchor pins then connect a sprinkler to a hose, which will be connected to a water hydrant. This hydrant will have its nozzle placed on top of the slide. You can use an abandoned plastic for this. Kids love to play with water, which makes it a perfect outdoor fun for them.


This is another car wash activity your kids will enjoy and it is quite similar to the Slip ’n’ slide. To set up this, you have to cut all the PVC pipes into pieces before assembling them. Check the pressure before drilling holes on them and attaching your hose and sprinkler. Decorate and allow your kids have all the fun.


Cut PVC pipes into desired sizes, connect and hold them together using an elbow connector, cement and pipe primer, then secure them at the top of the trampoline. Cut a part of the trampoline into half and connect the hose. Drill holes horizontally to the trampoline. Its game time and kids love to get drenched and engaged at the same time.

You'll Love These Water Play Ideas


Assemble your cross ties, long top rails, short top rails, bottom base rails, hose extenders and PVC pipes. Glue the pipes together then connect the hose-connector to the sprinkler frame before connecting your ball-valve to it. Add the other hose connector, your sprinkler is ready. Getting and cutting the pipes is part of the fun and it is a perfect outdoor fun for kids during summer.


To make this, cut your pipes into the following sizes and pieces; 78’ (2), 69’ (1), 39’ (2), 33’ (2), 6’ (1) and 3’ (12) and connect all of them together. Drill holes on them and your splash pad is ready. One very unique thing about this lies in the fact that it is extremely easy to create and the materials are relatively cheap.


This is quite complicated because you need to build a pivot mechanism. It consists of different types of sprinklers chained together, which can be used separately or together with a T-fitting before the valve. Some of the sprinkler types include Dueling noodles, bucket dump, flower shower and the tunnel. The size and shape of each sprinkler makes this stand out.


To get this, spread a picnic blanket and lay fort Magic poles they can jump over, your obstacle course is ready. Kids love jumping over obstacles and will be grateful to you for this.


Just like the others, connect your pipes together, drill holes on them and your sprinkler is ready. Sit down and watch your kids play with the water.

Even More Outdoor Water Play Sprinklers Ideas

Still not enough outdoor water play sprinklers ideas? Well, here's another batch for your to skim through. Check out the videos too because they go into some great details as to how to go about building some of these sprinkler set up.  You'll also find other versions of kiddie car wash and splash pads, plus some other great ideas.

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