ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History

Abc Inspiring Leaders Of Black History

ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History, a must-have book for little leaders in the making! Read below for bonus material including free printables, questions, craft ideas and dramatic play ideas. Create a whole lesson plan for your preschooler and introduce them to inspiring African Americans of the past and present. 

Abc Inspiring Leaders Of Black History

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Barack Obama Coloring Page Printable

Barack Obama Coloring Page

Oprah Winfrey Coloring Page Printable

Oprah Winfrey Coloring Page

Ruby Bridges Coloring Page Printable

Ruby Bridges Coloring Page

Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page Printable

Martin Luther King Coloring Page

Rosa Parks Coloring Page Printable

Rosa Parks Coloring Page

Muhammad Ali Coloring Page Printable

Muhammad Ali Coloring Page

Summary of ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History

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Free Barack Obama, Ruby Bridges, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey Coloring Pages


Introducing ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History, a book for preschooler to learn about inspiring figures who broke barriers! This inspiring collection profiles prominent African Americans who have made a significant impact on history.

From Barack Obama to Oprah Winfrey, learn about important figures including Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, and Ruby Bridges. The bold, vibrant photos are sure to catch children's eyes as they discover more about inspirational African Americans.

These profiles teach kids about courage, determination, and service while reinforcing letter concepts. So come learn about some amazing people who have changed the world–and start your own trailblazing journey!

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Creating a Black History Lesson Plan

Here are some activities we compiled for the book ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History. The free activities accompany the book and help preschoolers learn about the different leaders. This pre-k activities are perfect for Black History Month.

It is important that children learn about the people who came before them. Not only does this help children develop a sense of self-worth, but it also helps with identifying issues in their modern society. Children also tend to be interested in learning about the past - they like asking questions and wondering about the world they live in.

Inspiring Leaders of Black History Questions

When you ask question during a read-aloud it helps children engage with the story. It also teaches them listening skills and how to think critically. Here are some questions you can ask while reading ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History:

  1. Do you know when Black History Month is?
  2. Do you know why we celebrate Black History Month?
  3. Can you name some people of black history?
  4. What do you think is important for kids to learn about the past?
  5. Would you like to know more about any of these famous leaders?
  6. Which one would you like to learn more about the most?
  7. What does Muhammad Ali have over his hands?
  8. Who was Ruby Bridges?
  9. What is Bessie Coleman wearing over her head?
  10. What does Jimi Hendrix hold in his hands?
  11. Who was Michael Jordan?
  12. Do you know what the word inspiring means?
  13. Can you think of an example of something inspiring?
  14. Who is Barack Obama?
  15. What did Jackie Robinson do?
  16. Why was that important?
  17. What do you think it mean to be "the first"?
  18. What do you hope to be when you grow up?
  19. Do you think these leaders were like you when they were younger?
  20. What would you like to be the best at?

Black History Craft Ideas

A great way to build on Black History Month is to engage your child with art projects. This list of arts and crafts projects is designed to work with ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History.

  • Make a face mask based on one of the leaders
  • Build your own Hall of Fame using Command Hooks
  • Bring out some construction paper and glue and make a collage of famous black leaders
  • Dip your child hand in paint and have them create their own version of a leader
  • Check out our post on Martin Luther King Jr. Preschool Activities for more ideas

Black History Dramatic Play Ideas

Here are some dramatic play ideas to go along with ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History. Children are always looking for new things to do with their imaginations, so here are some ideas to help them after you've read the book.

  • Set up a voting booth
  • Create a timeline of black history
  • Build your own version of the White House
  • Dress up as one of the leaders in ABC Inspiring Leaders of Black History
  • Build a city with blocks and play the role of a famous leader from today or the past
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Personalized Trace Name Workbook

Name Practice Work Book Abc Inspiring Leaders Of Black History

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