Family Tree Ideas for Kids (Preschool Projects)

Today we've collected 6 family tree ideas for kids that are great preschool projects for the holidays. This time of year is all about family. These 6 projects are perfect for introducing to young ones the idea of how a family grows and is connected. So when grandma and grandpa visit, they have a real sense of how the branches of a family extend.

Not only that but, it also makes something sweet to share with the family once the project is complete. Or get the extended family involved by having them bring photos to add to the family tree. We think you'll love these ideas so get started!

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Our Favorite Family Tree Ideas for Kids Ideas

A Crafty Life: Our Family Tree

Crafting a family tree is a perfect way to help your kids develop an understanding of family history and connect with relatives. Kids will also learn more about their whole family members. Your kids will love to create a family tree with all the family members' names and photos. You can create one with some simple supplies, including a green and brown card, scissors, pen, tape, and photos of all of your family members. Use a green card to make the shape of leaves (folded in half) and add a photo of each family member and write their names. Help kids in making this excellent craft, and your little ones will love the resulting masterpiece. 

Family Tree Craft for Kids

Kids need to develop an understanding of their family so that they feel connected to all the people in their family. These family tree ideas for kids will help them feel connected and loved by their family. This craft is very easy to create and involves inexpensive supplies. Your kids will create and use hand shape cutouts as the green part of the tree and truck made for brown construction paper. On the green hands, kids will write the names of all the family members. Try this simple family craft idea with your kids and help them feel more connected.  

Peek-A-Boo Family Tree for Kids

Creating Peek a Boo family tree for kids is a fun way to explore genealogy and family history. This fun activity is a great way for kids to share what they have learned about their heritage. Most families live miles away and keeping the children close to their relatives such as cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents can be difficult. This family tree is created by using flip-top lids with family members and relatives' names on the top and picture inside the cover. Your kids will love lifting the lid, calling their names, and seeing their photos. This family tree will keep your kids close to the people they love.

Grandparents Family Tree Idea

Grandparents family tree is a great craft idea for kids to make and show their love for grandparents. It is a great poster or project to craft at any time of the year and can be a memorable and unique gift for Grandparent's Day. This craft will help your kids visually understand their family. This family tree enables your kids to visually see many of their ancestors at a single place and understand how they are connected. Once you have done creating this beautiful tree with your kids, display it on some wall in your kids' room where kids see it regularly. 

Another Family Tree Idea

Use this family tree idea to craft a creative and simple family tree with your kids to teach them about their family history and lineage. It is important to tell your children about their extended family and relatives. This fun craft can be created easily with simple skills and is very easy to make. Use the green chart to make leaves and brown for the trunk and add your family members' names to each leaf. To add more creativity, add your kid's handprint in the middle of the leaves. Your kids will love creating and having this family tree in their room as it will remind them of all the special people in their family. 

One More Family Tree Idea for Kids

Kids usually have lots of questions regarding their family members and the best way to answer their questions is by crafting a family tree. In this activity, kids will make a tree's branches with green handprints and making the trunk with brown paint. And create a family lineage by pasting colorful cards with names on the painted tree. Also, let your children think about the relations between different members of the family. Kids will find creating this family tree collage fascinating and will try to learn about their family history and heritage. With this family tree idea, your family's past will come alive. 

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