Today we've collected 10 Fall Gross Motor Activities for toddlers. We're only about a month away from winter, but these fall motor activities are the ideal way to revel in the fall season and get your preschooler's body and muscles working together.

These activities are not your usual ideas like Yoga poses or paper plate crafts. We wanted to find ideas that were fun and engaging, and this fall makes it a perfect time. We think your preschooler will like some of our favorite activities that range from balancing an apple on their head to sweeping the floor of leaves. Let us know which is your favorite, and share this article with friends.

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Our Favorite Fall Gross Motor Activities

Balancing Apples on Top

There are lots of fun activities that can help kids develop gross motor activities. Balancing apples on top is a fun gross motor activity for kids. It involves kids balancing apples (pool noodles cut into apples) on their heads while walking the balance beam. Children start with one apple and try to cross the beam and keep their apple balance on their head. This balancing and walking activity greatly helps in the development of balancing, coordination, and motor skill sequencing. It also helps kids learn counting as well as patterns. Your kids will love doing this activity and learn in a fun way.

Free Printable Fall Gross Motor Dice for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This fall-themed gross motor dice game is the best way to help your kids move and develop gross motor control. You can use this dice game as a brain break for preschoolers, toddlers, or kindergartners to fresh them up or just get up and move to have fun. It is perfect for kids when restricted inside the home, like on some rainy day. It is a great fun brain break game for the early learner. You can use them in the classroom as they work great for homeschool as well as fun at home. The fall-themed dice comes with different gross motor actions, and kids would enjoy playing this game.

Balloon Tennis Gross Motor Play Activity

Balloon tennis gross motor play activity is a very simple, easy to set up, inexpensive game that your kids will love to play because it is loaded with fun. With no fun activity, your kids will have high energy that needs to be used. This play activity involves just two supplies i.e., balloons and a few fly swatters. Not only kids, even adults will love to take part in this fun activity. This balloon tennis gross motor play activity is a great energy buster for your kids on an indoor day. Balloon play is the right way to go if you are stuck indoors. Kids need to bust energy and this game will get children more around the house chasing balloons.

Clean the Pumpkins Fall Toddler Activity

There are so many activities for kids to do to develop gross motor skills. Cleaning the pumpkin fall activity is huge fun for preschoolers and toddlers. The activity involves putting big pumpkins in a big container full of water and letting kids clean them. Besides having fun, your kids will also learn other good skills that will help them in later stages of life. With this activity, your kids will learn an important life skill i.e. cleaning. They will get to know how to work as a team and share an activity or toy. It is also a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and keep them engaged.

Leaf Sweep Fine Fun Activity

Leaf sweep is another activity that helps toddlers get up and moving. This fall, you must try this fun idea with your kids. This activity will help kids learn pencil grip, hand-eye coordination, and some other fine motor skills with some simple supplies. Toddlers will have fun sweeping all the cut-out leaves to one side of the tree (drawn on a cardboard box) and then to the other side of the tree. You can also ask them to spread all the leaves evenly on the surface with the help of a brush to add more fun to the activity. Give this leaf sweep fine motor activity a try and let your kids enjoy and develop side by side.

Leaf-cutting activity

This leaf-cutting activity for toddlers is very simple to do and helps develop strong scissor skills for preschoolers and toddlers. This activity involves cutting leaves on different colored papers using a template and then drawing dotted lines on each leaf as a reference so that your kid cut each leaf along these lines. You can draw different shaped lines such as straight lines or curved lines to help your kid develop skills and control while using scissors. Kids will have fun doing a leaf-cutting activity and learn various skills. Keep your kids engaged in this clever activity to develop motor planning skills.

Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers

This fall leaf craft is effortless to make and creates a beautiful masterpiece at the end that your kids will love to make. It is the best craft for toddlers and preschoolers for the fall season. It involves less mess, easy to do, and helps preschoolers and toddlers work on their gross motor skills. This activity creates a beautiful collage using leaves and clear contact paper pasted on the window or door. You can choose dollar store leaves or take your kids outside to collect real leaves before start making this craft. It is so easy and fun to make. You can also seal in the leaves by putting another sheet of contact paper.

Fine Motor Apple Activity

This is an apples-themed fine motor activity to help kids learning. The best to keep kids involved in working on their fine motor skills is by adding a theme to the movement. Your kids will love this engaging activity that is easy and fun to do. Rather than using real apples, you can create a simple exercise with the help of yarn, bowl, and pom-poms. This apple-themed fine motor activity is a fun and easy way to work on motor ideas. This hand-on activity can be performed at home to enhance your kids' fine motor skills or in the school as a small group, large group, or in a center.

Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

There is no better time than Thanksgiving to perform themed activities for your kids, preschoolers, or toddlers that engage their entire body. Such Thanksgiving play activities are a wonderful way to help create motor planning ideas in a fun way. Many of these crafts are extremely easy to make with the simple and inexpensive supplies that anyone has in their home. Thanksgiving activities are usually turkey-themed and kids will love to create beautiful crafts with colorful feathers. Fall wouldn't be complete without a great activity – Free the Pumpkin. This activity involves challenging your kids to remove the rubber bands one by one. They will use their eyes to check out which rubber band is on the top. It is a fun challenge for kids.

Gross Motor Fall Tree Activity for Toddlers

This activity involves sketching a tree using contact paper and brown paper bags on the wall and spreading different colored leaves on the floor then letting your kid pick up the leaves and paste on the contact paper. This gross motor fall tree activity for toddlers involves lots of movements while picking up the leaves from the floor. Kids should put energy into beneficial activities. Your kids will also learn color recognition as well as sorting while separating different colored leaves. Each time while picking up a leave, the kid will call the name of the color or you can also find the particular color leaf.

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