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Christmas is nearly here, which means a visit from your favorite Christmas elf is soon to come.

One of the things that goes along with this tradition is leaving cute letters from the elf. These can be fun ways to let your child know that the elf has arrived. But the hecticness of the holidays can make it hard to come up with ideas for these letters.

We've created a printable elf letter pack of editable PDFs to ease the effort. Check them out below.

Elf Letter Template

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Elf Introduction Letter

If this is your first year with an elf in your house, then you may want to start with an introduction letter. This letter can be a fun way to let your kids know they will be getting a special visitor this holiday season. This editable elf arrival letter allows you to personalize it with your child's name and assign a name to your elf. Plus, you can also set the date of arrival. Check out some of these arrival ideas if you're looking for more inspiration.

Elf Welcome Letter

If you're looking for something a little simpler, then this elf welcome letter may be what you need. As part of our editable letters pack, this welcome letter is great for first-time elf families. It is an introductory letter that you can edit to include your child's name and then sign with your elf's name.

I'm Back Elf Letter

After a long trip to the North Pole, your elf is finally back and ready for another fun-filled holiday season. This arrival note is a great way to let your child know that their elf is back and remind them of the duty that Santa has entrusted them with. This professionally designed letter with candy canes letters is also an editable elf letter template so that you can add your child's name and your elf's name.

Elf Adoption Certificate

There comes a point in every elf's life when they need to find a new family. If your elf is looking for a new home, this adoption certificate can help. Simply edit it to include your child's name and elf's name. Then print it out. This letter can pair nicely with the introduction letter or the goodbye letters.

Blank Elf Letter Template

Okay, so you have a Christmas elf idea and a message of your own to deliver but want our Christmas letterhead, then this is the perfect template. This blank elf letter template can be used for any purpose. You can look at one of the other sample notes for inspiration, then open the PDF file, edit it to add your message, and print it out.

Elf Letter from Santa

A message from Santa Claus is included in the list of printable elf notes. The big guy himself sends out a special hello to your child and reminds them of the elves' job. They're giving real-time updates to Santa, kiddo! It's a great letter to give to get your kids excited for Christmas.

Personalized Christmas Coloring Book

Elf Gift Letter

This is a bonus letter you can give to find out what your child may want for Christmas. Edit it to include your child's name, then print and place in an envelope. It gets kids excited to share what they want for Christmas.

Classroom Elf Arrival Letter

This template letter is designed for teachers who want to bring the fun into their classroom. Plug in the name of the teacher or the classroom number, and you're all set. The letter also includes the rule of no touching to help ensure that your elf is safe and happy in their new home.

Elf Letter Printable Templates Feature Elf Letter Template (18 Free Printables)

Late Elf Letter

Being a parent can get hectic, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. If you're looking for a last-minute idea to explain why your elf is late this year, this letter from Santa is the perfect solution. Simply edit it to include your child's name and let your elf explain the reason for the delay.

Sick Elf Letter Printable

Sometimes things go astray after your elf has arrived, and he ends up in the same spot two days in a row (wink wink). If this happens, don't worry! This letter from the elf explains that they felt a little under the weather and is the perfect way to get your elf back on track. Editable to add your child's name.

Elf Donate Toys Letter

This letter is a great way to encourage your child to donate their gently used toys to those in need. Simply edit it to include your child's name and let your elf bring up the topic of giving. It is a great way to teach the true meaning of Christmas.

Elf Take Me with You Letter

Sometimes families travel for the holidays, and it would be nice to take your elf with you. This Let's Take a Trip letter explains that Santa wants your elf to stick close by. Along with the usual editable slots, it includes a question for your child to respond to: Do I need to bring snacks?

Elf Brings a Friend Letter

Whether you've bought another elf to the house or just grabbed a stuffed animal from the toy bin, this letter is ideal. Simply edit it to include your child's name and let them know that their elf has brought a friend along for the ride. Now your child has a built-in sidekick for their elf shenanigans.

Elf Naughty Letter

We all have days where we're not at our best. If your child has had a particularly bad day (or week or month), this letter from their elf is a great way to encourage them to do better. It's a soft reminder that elves are watching and reporting bad behavior back to Santa. Their elf has complete confidence in them and knows they can improve.

Elf on Not Listening Letter

Listening takes practice. Even some adults have trouble with it! If your child is having trouble listening, this letter is a great way to encourage them to do better. It reminds them of the importance of listening and cheers them on to success.

Elf Was Touched Letter

It's hard for many kids to keep their hands to themselves when a magical elf is in their home. If your child can't seem to resist touching their elf, this letter is a great way to encourage them to do better. Simply edit it to include your child's name and have your elf sign it.

Elf Christmas Eve Goodbye Letter

Goodbyes are hard, but sometimes they're necessary. As this fun family tradition ends and your elf needs to return to the North Pole, this Goodbye Letter is a great way to encourage your child to say goodbye. Edit it to include your child's name and have your elf sign it.

Goodbye Forever Letter from Elf Free Printable

Every child gets to a point where they're ready to say their final goodbye to their elf. If your child is at that age, this Goodbye Forever letter is a great way to help them do so. Pair it with the adoption certificate, so their elf is remembered, even as they continue their magical journey. Fill in your child's name and have your elf sign it.

These 18 elf letter templates should help you easily get through the holidays, whether your elf is late, sick, naughty, or just needs to say goodbye. With these easy-to-edit letters, you can customize them to fit any situation while still maintaining the magic of your elf.

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