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Benjamin Monkey Teaches Preschoolers About Hand Washing and Included Printables



Benjamin Monkey Wash Your Hands

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Free Printables Including Coloring Page, Hand Washing Checklist, and Cut and Coloring Sequencing Worksheet


Are you looking for an entertaining way to teach your children about the importance of good hygiene? Then grab the newest Benjamin Monkey book!

Benjamin was a good little monkey, but sometimes he could get a little dirty. And sometimes he forgot to cover his mouth when he coughed and sneezed! In the same sweet, funny manner that follows the Benjamin Monkey series from No Back Talk and No Biting, comes his newest tale Benjamin Monkey Wash Your Hands! 

Perfect for preschool children ages 3 to 5, the book tells the story of a quirky monkey who comes to remember the importance of good hygiene habits. It aims to help parents teach kids the importance of washing hands and covering your mouth when you are coughing and sneezing in a way that is both funny and entertaining. This preschool book about germs, hand washing, and best behaviors makes a great gift. It includes printable bonus material, including coloring pages and handwashing checklist and more!


Benjamin Monkey Printables
Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Coloring Page

Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Coloring Page

Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Checklist

Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Daily Checklist

Hand Washing Poster for Preschoolers

How to Wash Your Hands

Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Sequence

Benjamin Monkey Hand Washing Cut and Color


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