March 30, 2020

Here's a great idea from to get the kids moving and also thinking about the alphabet. Instead of traditional writing practice why not hide letters throughout the house!

This is a great way to keep the kids moving and making learning while avoiding the typical paper and pencil way of learning the alphabet. Earlier introduction to letter concepts teach set the stage for word recognition and early reading. Plus it builds confidence.

Check out all the details below and follow the link to see it in place. Finally don't forget to share this post.


Name Trace Practice



Alphabet Find Learning Activity

Best for Ages:



May require some purchases but mainly at-home supplies


ALPHABET FIND: A quick and easy activity for toddlers; this activity will get kids moving and learning; kids will love this fun indoor activity that's great for learning letter names and letter sounds. I have a magical, mom-life-changing toddler activity. An activity so amazing you need to make it today. It's an activity that not only lets you sit on the couch with your feet up but wears your toddler out. 


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